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    Mr. Bull, I do not know that this is your problem but, when you said it occurs at speed, I remembered a few rifles with that problem and they took me some time to figure out. The rifles checked out visually to be timed perfectly when functioned slowly -- but when ran at speed, they behaved as if carrier rise was retarded = out of time. Turned out that the parts were so worn and loose that the momentum from running the gun hard would run the breech bolt back further than when ran slowly. I gutted these guns and installed new, within tolerance, parts and the rifles were "fixed" . As always, your mileage may vary.
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    Problem with me is that my legs are so short a kilt would look like a full-length skirt.
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    Must be a first! Lumpy responded to Bull’s question, gave a good answer and didn’t take advantage. Didn’t even tell Bull to be careful in the rain at WR. Get a doctor, I think something is wrong with Lumpy.
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    First time I wore my kilt in public one of my friends looked at me and said "Are those your legs or are you riding a chicken?"
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    Then get ready brother! I have my kilt with the sporan, socks, shirt and belt but unfortunately I misunderstood where the belt line of the kilt falls so the kilt goes back for some upward adjustment. The thing that pushed me over the top is my Grandson, Bones Blanchard is marrying in June and we have recently found through DNA testing that we have a huge amount of Irish in our back ground. I promised his wife to be that I would wear a kilt to her wedding. The Irish kilts are worn with patterns that identify a county rather than a clan and are much more subdued in color. Mine is in the "All Ireland" pattern because of the difficulty in locating specfic areas when my folk came from all over Ireland, were forced to the south and then migrated to Virginia then Missouri.
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    But a change in plans...My oldest daughter had an earlier than planned stork delivery...I think the little guy forgot to pay his rent and was evicted on 13 February at 4:25 in the morning...He was a week and half early...If he had followed the time frame, I could hit WR and been back to given my support...Which was keep everyone fed while they made adjustments to the new offspring...Wife, new grandma again, daughter and family...If I don't keep there 4 year old fed, she gets a little testee... So I stay home...I know where I would like to be, but I know where I need to be... Texas Lizard
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    Which is where the term Slow as MolasSASS comes from.
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    As some of you may know, I've been running a Stevens 315 single trigger for CAS since my 3rd match but unfortunately, unlike it's cousin the 311, it's not quite built like an anvil. Every 5 matches or so I have to bend the firing pins back straight to keep it from doubling. It's a design flaw and really there isn't much anyone can do to stop it. Don't get me wrong, it's a great shotgun but it's not built for the rigors of CAS. I had been trying for months to decide on a new shotgun and eventually settled on a Baikal. I shot one that was slicked up and really liked it. So I bought myself a brand new in box engraved Baikal izh43-e single trigger 12 gague sxs for Christmas. Man, was that thing rough! I got on YouTube, got on the wire, asked some questions and after a ton of work. I finally have a shotgun that I think is going to do me good! First thing I did was pull it completely apart and clean it out. I went to the shotgun range and put 200 shells through it to break it in. That didn't help in the least bit. I remember someone saying "the good thing about the Baikal is it's built like a Russian tank, the bad thing about the Baikal is it's built like a Russian tank." So I again took it completely apart, polished all the moving parts, deactivated the ejectors, welded the two extractors together and using my welder and grinder, I modified the now 1 piece extractor to engage the lug and do it's job without the springs. Next I got on the wire and started hunting for new hammer springs. As y'all know the best thing to use is stock vaquero hammer springs. Yule lose send me a bunch of springs and I found a set that worked out perfectly. I then cut the hammer cocking cams so the barrels will stay open further for reloading. Next I cut the hourglass extractor in half and epoxied the top half down. Finally I decided it was time to cut the barrels. This I had a hard time doing to this beautiful brand new gun with it's gorgeous wood, deep bluing, amateurish engraving and threaded barrels. Everything up until now is reversable. But I marked the barrel at 20", got out my metabo, plugged it in, and was just getting ready to turn it on when a voice in my head said "checkkk eeebaaayy". So I did. And what do you know? A 20" Bounty Hunter II barrel for $115 shipped! I couldn't turn it doqn!!! Well it showed up today and after about 4 hours of grinding, filing, sanding, welding and cussing here is the final result:
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    H. Dave, I can understand your desire to know, but ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Being a dealer/manufacturer myself, I do not believe it is appropriate to mention other manufactures in a disparaging way on the Wire or any place else. And,,,,, I'm sure there are those who would disagree with my opinions. Sincerely, Palo Verde
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    Howdy, I hope pards take a few minutes and watch. Our rights are rights not privileges Some think otherwise but the American experiment continues. Watch. Think. Best CR
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    Somebody’s got to say it............use the other gun
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    Home Depot has paint samples...watching paint dry is far and away much better than CNN any day.
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    Swap parts from his other '73 until the problem follows the part.
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    First, check the cartridge support tab at bottom of bolt face. It HAS to be straight and without a burr (not bent, or worse, missing) Check how far the carrier is rising when lever is fully forward. If top edge of carrier is not level with the frame or higher, carrier is not coming up far enough. The top edge of the carrier is what ejects the cartridge. And there must be a little "relief" back at the top, case-rim-end of the carrier so that the rim can pivot out from under the extractor and twist up and out as the carrier whacks it. Look for dings or ragged scratching on the rear top surface of the carrier. Carrier not rising far enough could be one of several things that have "happened" with wear. 1 - lever got bent, by running it fast and hitting a snag of some sort, an OOB discharge, etc, so that at full stroke the lever now does not go far enough to driver the lifter arm 2 - lifter arm got bent, so even if the lever is full forward, the lifter arm is not up high enough 3 - internals of carrier where the arm lifts it is damaged and worn 4 - timing has gotten off (which can be symptom that is most easily visible from any of the three things listed above are happening, or if there is other wear on the carrier and associated parts.) Good luck, GJ
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    Congratulations, Grandpa. Family is more important. Sign him up SASS can use new recruits.
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    Last fall I placed a WTB ad in the classified looking for a set of Old Model Vaqueros with Bisley grip frames in 44-40. It was sort of a needle in a haystack WTB as the OMVs never came in Bisley and then upped the difficulty factor by wanting 44-40. Well a fine member here contacted me with an offer on this set. They have Shotgun Boogie short strokes and half-cock hammers and full action work, performed by Shotgun Boogie. I shot the heck out of them today at the range and they are super sweet. Looking forward to some matches with them. I will be shooting them with smokeless for awhile. May try the holy black in the future.. here are some pics after I cleaned them up today. EDIT OMV were offered in Bisley, Plow handle, and Birdshead grip variation.
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    Hey All... Finally got my shiny new holster rig. She's gorgeous and just what I was hoping for but squeaks and creaks like crazy. I know it needs to break in some but man, you can hear me coming a mile away haha. Would love to remedy as much noise as I can. Looking online I can see all sorts of advice like wear as much as possible to break in, apply leather conditioner (don't really want to soften it), oils like mink oil, candle / paraffin wax, talc / baby powder, etc. So what say you pards? Anyone else deal with this before?
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    Darn Hurts to miss a deal like that. GW
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    If your leather shrinks you have either put on weight or you are not practicing enough.
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    Had the same rig for over 15 yrs I throw it in the truck ,or roll it up and put it in a tool box .This is just a hunk of leather not a Rolex watch.Keep it dry ,put a leather conditioner on it once a year and have fun.
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    I found it odd that states can limit the rights of the people but cannot expand people's rights. And to become a "felon" for following state law,
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    i can vouch for Widders work on the henry 22!!!! if your gonna have Widder work on your henry have the trigger work done at same time you wont regret it! When ya get your 22 back your gonna be like DAMN is this the same rifle.
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    Because this system is soooooooooooo slow, Please try to contact me with an email at: widder1894@icloud.com phone is: 865 / 696-1996 Thank you for your interest. Here is some general info, without actually advertising on this wire: Yes, I can short stroke the Henry .22 I can't short stroke the .22 Magnum models. I can smooth (slick) it up for you but the length of the .22 Magnum requires all of the lever arch for feeding and ejecting the longer cases. The short stroke makes the lever arch about 1.25" less. And the action job makes the rifle noticeably smoother. Email me or call me and I will be glad to give better info on the phone. Turn around time is 1 week or less, depending on whether you want a trigger job/trigger stop put in the rifle. Again, thanks for the interest. ..........Widder
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    Your kindness will be paid forward. Thank you sir!
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    PM sent with Widder's contact info.
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    The barrels ROT will tell you where to start with bullet weight. Expecting sub 1 moa, 3-5 shot groups out of stock production/field grade rifle is not realistic. Your barrel is fouling out from the bullet jacket. Bet none of the rifles have bedded actions either. Also-Experiment with the tension of the action screws to the stock. When group shooting for record-Load 1 rnd at a time. OLG
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    You might talk @Pit Bull Tex into making you some.
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    Finding one cut to 20 and still threaded for choke tubes will be a daunting task.
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    ... then try these DAD BAGS! Several different styles to choose from. You can carry your beer, personal items or even your gun. Heck, shooting CAS you could even put extra rounds of ammo in it. (since they will be on your person)! NOTE: Just be sure your shot shell belt is above below the belly button.
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    I've noticed over the years that the faster computers/electronic devices get, the more impatient we get.
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    I have seen these products up close and know someone with the shelf. There are very nice. Tactical Walls
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    I don't have one, but the idea is sensible to me. But Ramblin Gambler's concern about the reliability of a key car is for real. Who hasn't had to go back to the front desk? Big sales always scare me. Are they getting ready to fold the tent? Have warranty issues done them in? Having said all that, I may buy one.
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    For those who don't like my post, DONT READ IT. my intent was to give some honest pros and cons of Loadmaster vs Dillon Given that i've used both, I thought I could give an accurate opinion. Not everybody is an expert. Some of us may be stoooopid and trying to figure out what they might want to buy. So I figured to share MY experience. And if I helped Patagonia Pete or any others with a Vibra Prime issue, thats just a bonus.
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    It ran just fine last week and it ran just fine yesterday...I doubt it's the photos and data....
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    The amount of forum data should have nothing to do with it, and there aren't that many members here on at any one time regardless so I doubt it's a bandwidth issue either. More likely there is something wrong with the host server.
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    Book the cat enjoys playing fetch with plastic rings off milk jugs, and often intercepts them in mid-air. Slo-Mo demonstration:
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    The simplest cart I have seen was a golf bag cart with a 5 gallon plastic bucket bungee'd to it. Probably cost $20. I am sure the bungees were the most expensive part.
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    More stuff keeps showing up as I dig...
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    Tell you what I’ll do to help kick this off, I’ll donate a custom gun cart as one of the awards.
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    Crude but effective has always been my motto!
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    You sure those ain't pellets?? I think they are... The big issue is with those BB's bounce'n all over. Like play'n Golf in a tile bathroom............... Cool vid- OLG
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    I have seen two 97s with out of battery discharge and two 1866s. Saw a 1903 springfield in a BAMM match practice, That one went all to pieces, not one part was usable. Saw an AR-15 blow at a 3 gun match, he loaded a case of Bullseye. Started competition shooting in 1974. Bullett 19707
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    I had a guy who didn't believe me when I told him what I was wearing under my breacan an fheilidh, so he checked. He turned a very bright red and sputtered, "First time I've seen THAT looking at me from under a skirt!" I rather enjoyed his embarrassment. I've taken to telling people, "The bottom of my shirt, two socks, two garters, two shoes, and a knife."
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    That was for the whole kit, kilt, gillie shoes, socks, sporan and belt, shirt, tie, vest, formal coat, dress kidskin gloves, dress cape, sgian dhub, sock flashes, balmoral ca, , even a kilt pin for the Taylor clan, everything but a bottle of Scotch.
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