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    A shotgun tale Years ago my old pard Naco decided at the end of the shooting season that he would join me in Classic Cowboy category at the Zen Shootist SASS club located in Central Iowa for the following year. To do this he would need to acquire a hammered double shotgun. After looking online he decided he wanted a TTN in antique finish but none were in-stock at the online distributors. That winter a group of us were gathering at a local Saloon for some socializing. Down the road is a Sportsman Warehouse which I stopped into before going to the Saloon. There it was, at the gun counter, just the gun he wanted!! I swooned over the gun but decided to give Naco first chance. He was at the Saloon and when I told him of the shotgun he went down the street and purchased it. Thus began several years of gun envy. After two years Naco moved on to a different category and quit shooting that shotgun in favor of a 97 and then an SKB double. I let him know if he ever wanted to sale it, I was his Huckleberry. After a while he offered and I was the owner, my gun envy was put to rest. After shooting a match with it, I realized I needed a stock cover as the shotgun kept slipping off my shoulder. I always wanted to have a gun as a tribute to the book Monte Walsh by Jack Schaefer and this would be my chance. Now most of y’all have seen the movie Monte Walsh with Tom Selleck and before that a version with Lee Marvin as the title character. Watching the movies led me to the book. It is the best western I have ever read. I couldn’t put it down, was staying up late to read, even took a day off from work to stay home and read. It is much grander than the movies. The book details Monte’s entire life and to me has a much better ending than the movie versions. For most of the book Monte rides for the Slash Y ( / Y ) and is the bronc buster for the outfit. It’s a reoccurring theme thru the book, if ya want a horse broke right ya called on Monte. I presented my idea of a stock cover to Michigan Rattler of Michigan Rattler Leather. I told him I wanted a bucking horse and rider along with the Slash Y brand. Well, Michigan Rattler nailed it, to me it just perfectly captured the spirit of the book. It’s back home with me after an action job by Cowboys Shooters Supply. Now I’m ready to hit the trail with my shotgun. The End
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    I’ll just leave this here for folks to appreciate... https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2018/12/03/sully-bushs-service-dog-lies-before-his-casket-before-one-last-journey-with-former-president/?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_mix-sully-745am%3Ahomepage%2Fstory-ans&utm_term=.7be8f9a6209f
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    Some of us like the fact that we can still beat young folks...
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    I Put the Wife's Pistols in the mail to jimmy spurs Last Wednesday the 28th, he got them on Friday Evening and called this morning to say they were done and on they way home. Talk about Quick turn around WOW.
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    Did you mean nothing to lose? Or nothing too loose? I suppose both of them work
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    Howdy: Time to brag a bit. Last Friday, another star was placed above the City of San Antonio, T when my grandson, a Graduate of Texas A&M, finished his Course of Instruction at the San Antonio Police Academy, graduated and was officially placed on the rolls of the San Antonio Police Department. He did very well placing #4 in Academics and is a crack shot per his instructors. On Saturday, when I was leaving San Antonio for home, I passed him giving three tickets to a poor soul who decided to total his new motorcycle and did not have a license, vehicle tags or insurance. Officer Anderson was there and the officer in charge of the scene. I am bursting with pride. (obviously). STL Suomi
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    It’s funny to me, with all of the truly subjective rules we have in this game, this one is as Black and white as they get and still we bellyache.
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    SASS Marshall on the leg & 'Mohawk & McGinty at '015 WR
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    Didya ever hear some of the "RAP" lyrics and they're worried about Baby it's cold outside??? Insanity!!!
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    One of the most dangerous workplaces in existence.
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    I truly believe that there are some people who wake up every morning and deliberately look for something to object to. JOIN P.O.O.P. TODAY!!!
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    I told a girl once that I wanted her in the worst way. She told me the worst way she could imagine would be standing up in a hammock. We were married 51 years.
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    Because a round "just a little in the chamber" is considered LOADED / NOT CLEARED: SHB pp. 42-43
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    This recall deals with cracked frames. Looks to be just the ones made in 2018. https://www.coltforum.com/forums/single-action-army/346771-colt-saa-recall.html Nut'n posted on the Colt site about this. OLG
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    Moving/changing location with a shotgun action CLOSED and the hammer(s) DOWN on EMPTY chamber(s). Considering that a loaded RIFLE (no round chambered) is carried from the LT to the staging location in that condition, doing so with a SHOTGUN (which is almost always NOT loaded at the LT) is a NO CALL. Simply have the shooter open the action upon arrival at the staging point. If it somehow happens to be loaded, apply the appropriate SDQ. SHB p.15 This also applies when moving from the LT or to the ULT (i.e. at anytime while on the FIRING LINE). SHB p.43
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    This year during the 2018 Tennessee State Championship match the match participants raised $7200 for the American Cancer Society. That is about $33 per person. Our goal for 2019 should be $10,000. I don't know if we can pull it off without help so here is my request: Every time a monthly match is cancelled this winter, please consider contributing the match fee to the cause. Randy St. Eagle will be more than happy to collect the money and it will jump start our 2019 cancer fund. The Wartrace Regulators match was cancelled yesterday so I am throwing in the first $25 for me and Ricochet Ruthie. I am sure the American Cancer Society will be grateful for anyone from any club who feels led to participate. If you are uncomfortable sending the money to Randy, no problem, just send it directly to the American Cancer Society. They need it and we all need to win the fight against cancer!
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    The campground is closed till further notice.
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    Picked up this like new 686 at a gun show today! I love these guns!!
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    Give a Hoot - Don't Pollute.mp4
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    And yet the hip-hop people continue to sing (if you can call it that) about big booty and killing cops without getting censored... There's something seriously wrong with this country.
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    This ain’t the first time I’ve said this and it bears repeating. I like most dogs better’n I like most people!!
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    The closest a bug will come to my dinner plate is using it as bait to catch a fish.
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    My wife wouldn’t waste a perfectly good skillet when that ol’ ‘97 stands in the corner waiting!!
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    I remember Debbie Barnes a really cute girl in my 4th grade class! My first crush! She kissed me on the cheek!
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    I remember I learned how to spell and check my work...
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    35 miles to the grocery store makes me country.
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    Joe ; I thought it was going to mention your Birth date .... But a good read in any case .... Jabez Cowboy
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    I understand your question...given the fact that, if the lever happened to close in either condition, the result would be a live round under a cocked hammer; but I'd have to do some deep digging into the archives to find the basis for the difference in penalties.
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    Ok. Thanks! I was too far into the SHB!
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    Well if white christmas is then so is black christmas which proves one thing....This is crazy!!
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    If any part of the round is in the chamber, it’s a SDQ, on the carrier is just a MS.
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    My understanding is, if any part of the round is in the chamber, it is considered to be in the chamber, so SDQ. If no part of the round is in the chamber, miss (for the unfired round) & minor safety. Holler
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    Thanks Slim, that is a huge goal but we are going to try our best to meet it. If anyone sends anything to me I would prefer it in a check made out to The American Cancer Society. I will compile them and send them to the Cancer Society. Thanks again to everyone who helped us reach $7200 this year and thanks in advance to anyone who contributes to next years fund raiser. Randy
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    My dear Jesus, I'm so sick and tired of everyone finding something to ban so the world will look more like "their" world... a dark, cold, and miserable place.
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    Brace yourself because I’m gonna fuss at you a bit here.You have some darn good excuses for not shooting recently; new family, moving, I assume the move was because of some sort of career change, etc. But new people and how skilled they are is NOT and should NEVER be one of those excuses. If you haven’t learned by now that SASS people are some of the best human beings on the planet then I feel sorry for you. You’ll get treated like long lost family by champions, middle of the pack shooters and also rans. So if time and $$$ allow you owe it to yourself to get out there and meet your new best friends.
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    Gun Owners of America -- and its Foundation (GOF)
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    Never had anything I liked well enough to risk wearing it for the rest of my life.... 'cept my wife and kids, and they all aged over time.
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    When I have enough money to get the tattoo I want? I always blow it on guns, horses and new pickup trucks!!!
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    Can't see poking holes in a perfectly good hide. Just my opinion GW
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