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    This recall deals with cracked frames. Looks to be just the ones made in 2018. https://www.coltforum.com/forums/single-action-army/346771-colt-saa-recall.html Nut'n posted on the Colt site about this. OLG
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    In case you are not sure how it all works, I have done some research for you. I heard that it takes a minimum of 50,000 people contacting our legislatures to have an effect of their decisions. When contacting them I have been asking; "Just how many people do you need to hear from on any particular topic before that topic becomes a priority to you?" The answer I received from both sides of the isle will shock you, as it did me. According to each of them the answer was a minimum of 50, that's right 50! Here is the break down of how they came up with that number. According to our legislatures (Congress & Senate) 1 call, letter or email is equal to 1,000 people. They consider it a representative number just like the poles they put out. So to this line of thinking 1 person contacting them about a topic is representative of the views of 1,000 people, 50 people contacting them about a topic is representative of the views of 50,000 people, 100 people contacting them about a topic is representative of the views of 100,000 people, 1,000 people contacting them about a topic is representative of the views of 1,000,000 people; get the idea yet? Everyone keeps saying that the few are heard more than the many, well now you know why. The few are making more contacts to their legislatures than the many, they are more energized. Hopefully now everyone understands the importance of contacting their federal legislatures. Does this mean that they will all follow our desires?; no and that's why we vote for or against them. If you want to keep our Constitution, Bill of Rights and especially our Second Amendment in tact, you have to do more than sit back and hope it will all work out or think that someone else will fight for it. Each one of us can make a difference. If you do not want to ask others to make the contacts to your respective legislators at least make the contacts yourself. Yes there is strength in numbers and that is what we strive for by organizing as well as bring this issues to the attention of other SASS members but, understand one person can make a difference. Your contact could be that 50th contact that they consider as representative of the views of 50,000 people making it priority view of their constituents. So how important is one person's voice? Extremely Important!! Charlie
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    They've made quite a few in 2018. I have seen several. I don't know why people think that Colt isn't making SAA. They are. They just aren't taking custom orders because the backlog was reaching beyond 24 months. And yes this recall is real. I know a few folks on the colt forum that have received the notice and sent theirs back. It's not on all of the 2018 one, but a select number range. I have an order with the custom shop that was due in shortly, but has since been pushed back with this recall.
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    The race isn't final yet but here is the best example I have seen in recent memory. Recount puts Republican ahead by 1 vote in Alaska state House race
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    Interesting article about low voter turn out and why. I think a lot of the article is biased but still worth reading. Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don't plan to vote in November (Originally appeared in the Washington Post)
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    Looking at recent responses to the Slix Trigger thread reinforces my thoughts which agree with what is posted above!! NEVER LET UP!!! NEVER STAND DOWN!!!
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    Here is something I put together back in '04 or '05. I tried to put it in the local gun shops. One "didn't have the space." One received it with enthusiasm. One just said, "OK." I left about 700 copies at those two stores. Three months later most of them were still on the counters. I think that most of the ones missing had been used by people as scratch paper. I had included below this the contact information - phone, email, and postal address - for our senators, the 3 local members of the House, the local members of the CA State Senate, and the CA Assembly. WE are the problem.
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    This should be pinned and mandatory reading by every SASS member.
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    Alias: JC Wade Sass #: 64598 Where I'm from: Michigan I've been shooting for 3 years
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