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    SASS members, the Carradine brothers. David, Robert and Keith with Judge Roy Bean
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    This is not the early, early days. It was taken about 2000. I started shooting in 1999, so it is early to me. Front Row: Burgundy Juno, Billy Blackthorne, Mudville Slim, Montana Maggie Hunter. Back Row: Payback Princess (RIP), Jim Jivitus (a dentist, LOL) Cherokee Knight, Billy Briscoe (RIP), Frank Bruce, Jess Brown (my Hubby), Allie Mo, Sterling Starr, Black Jack Traven (hiding), Fiddletown Flash, Sedona Sue, Badlands Bud.
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    General U. S. Grant, Roy Rogers, (SASS Alias "RR") and Judge Roy Bean (photo originally posted by Justice Lily Kate)
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    Courtesy of Justice Lily Kate: A picture of the first End of Trail. Harper Creigh, aka Judge Roy Bean, of Harper Creigh Graphics & Models, and Gordon Davis, aka Diamond Jim Chisolm of Davis Leather ... the first two sponsors or End of Trail. Artwork by the one & only Bill Hahn. Who also created John Dwayne (rocking horse cowboy) & the SASS cowboy logo.
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