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    Left to Right: Limitless Layne #91695 has been shooting for 8 years. Gracious Stac #91693 momma moral support. Penn E Les #91692 has been shooting for 6 years. Despicable B #91694 has been shooting for 9 years. Fire Tuck #91696 has been shooting for 8 years. We have been lovingly dubbed the Penn E Les gang by our home club Fireland Peacemakers in Rochester, Ohio
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    End of Trail, 1989: "Early Friday morning, Jim Dunham, famed western entertainer from Arizona, captured the crowd's attention with his stories and fancy fun handling." Cowtown 1988: Jim Dunham saving his "partner" from the hangman's noose.
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    Top Guns at the January, 1989 Margarita match: Standing: Greybeard, Lucky Smucky, and McCloud Kneeling: Midway and Yosemite Diamond Annie, McCloud, Sierra and Greybeard won the Team Event at the Jan. 1989 Margarita match.
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    Hey, how about getting together with some of us for dinner? Give me a call.
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    (l to r) Heath Hare (Top Junior), Max McQueen (Top Gun), City Slicker (2nd) and Rough Shot (3rd) at the Oct. 1988 Cowtown match Gail Snow, Calamity Lil and Sassy Kassy, Top Lady Shooters at Cowtown, Oct. 1988 match
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