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    One thing about it. If you forget and leave it at the range. It'll still be there waiting till your next visit.
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    The news is aboil with movement within California's state legislature to pass a bill removing the state's acknowlegdement of the US Constitution as binding. The purpose or this bill is to make the first steps towards seccession. I guess may answer the question posted about a week ago about shipping guns to California.
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    Please join me in congratulating one of our own.... Our Team SASS Deputy Director, Allegiance, aka Joe DeBargalis, has been named Deputy Executive Director of General Operations for the NRA! This a absolutely super news...a great patriot has been duly recognized. The NRA has chosen an authentic top notch winner to fill this important position I salute my friend Allegiance and wish him only the very best.
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    So this morning I stopped into the local gas station for a cup of coffee and I pull up and their is this woman smoking a cigarette while pumping gas. I thought, "wow this woman is stupid," oh well I thought, let natural selection do it's job and I walked in. As I was getting my coffee I noticed two of our local finest men in blue walking out and I gave them a "howdy do gents", and told them they might want to keep an eye on the woman. I come out with my coffee and sure enough this woman is yelling and screaming and her arm is on fire! The police officers took a fire extinguisher out of their trunk and properly extinguished the woman. From there it got confusing, they slapped the cuffs on her and put her in the back of their cruiser. I asked them, "Are you arresting her because she is stupid?" they responded with "No she was waving her FIREARM around like a crazy person!" I heard this joke at the office today, and had to share. This is not a true story and is meant tickle your funny bone on a Friday. Have a great Weekend!
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    I always have the best luck calling. (800) 672-3888 OLG
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    Damnit Joe! Now I got's to clean coffee outa my keyboard.
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    I've heard of BBQ guns, but never a fondue gun.
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    Dang computer thinks it knows what I want it to say
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    A man failed to win the popular vote and in fact only won 39% of it but won 59% of the electoral vote due to the concentration of population in the states he won..in fact he received a smaller percentage of the popular vote than nearly all the losers. A large segment of the citizens felt he was not the legitimate president because he only carried 18 states all the others voted against the candidate He was accused of implementing unconstitutional measures He was one of the most unpopular presidents of his day...upon taking office he had what would equate to a modern approval rating of less than 25% Major news media hounded him, satirized him, made fun of his looks, called him incompetent, a gorilla etc a few examples - The NEW YORK TRIBUNE joked that he "may live a hundred years without having so good a chance to die", The CHICAGO TIMES, branded one of his policies "..a monstrous usurpation, a criminal wrong, and an act of national suicide.....the time is brief when we shall have a DICTATOR proclaimed", The NEW YORK HERALD stated "The politicians have again proclaimed this PRESIDENTIAL-PIGMY as their nominee...." , the NEW YORK WORLD said "...the OBSCENE APE is about to be deposed.." Accusations of election fraud and shock from the losing party a NY times head line "THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION THE REPUBLICANS IN THEIR TRIUMPH.....THE LAMENTATIONS OF THE DEFEATED" another headline read ...Report of alderman from the City of New York "it is currently reported and believed that there exists in this city an organized body...who intend, on the day of election, to obstruct the polls...and challenge very voter they can in order to keep back the electors and delay voting on that day...." Many citizens felt he was not qualified for the office Many of his own cabinet felt they were better qualified to hold office One well known "progressive" activist called him a "First rate, second rate man" So many believed that he did not win the election and was not "legitimate" that some states moved to secede... He put forward the principle that IN A REPUBLIC the citizens can not decide they want to leave because they don't like the results of an election...In a Republic it is the citizens duty that if they do not agree with the results of an election to convince their peers that they made a mistake and vote against the office holder in the next election...thus is the way of Republics. Military leaders ridiculed him and called him a fool or the "original gorilla" (a direct quote) Later when his party came to him and told him he was LOSER and that to avoid losing the next election he should suspend the election, a power granted to him by congress, he refused stating that the government of ANY Republic that was afraid of the voice of the people should not govern The states that disagreed seceded from the Union an action severely criticized by "progressives" The man was Abraham Lincoln The states that seceded became the Confederate States an action that has been criticized by progressives up until the latest election These things are not made up by me they are historic fact...anyone can look them up... A history lesson for those that don't agree with the results of the election Tinpan McGurk
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    Not the legislature, but a petition to get an initiative on the ballot. It was approved and they can now start gathering signatures.
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    In the morning look out the window...See if grass is still below the window sill...It's a good starting point... TL
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    I'm looking to rent or purchase an 1876 calvary *Indian Wars) outfit. Used is OK. I don't have time to custom order.(8 weeks) I need pants 39-40 waist, length 30-34...tucked in boots. shirt 16 1/2 to 17 1/2 (extra large or 2x). Long or short coat 44-46. white Hat 7 5/8....gloves......also Kepi, buckle & belt 40-44, and holster corp or sgt outfit is OK, even officer Mounted, think Custers Last Stand. If rented, I will have dry cleaned I'm 6'1" 220 lbs. Thank you....Old Buckaroo...CA...408-710-1616 email: oldbuckaroo7@aol.com
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    When I strip the factory finish on the Uberti's, tung oil & boiled linseed oil with burnt umber mixed in.
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    I have a outfit from Coon creek but the pants are two large more in the range of 46-48. The belt isnt a problem since they are adjustable. Kept is worn look, saddler Sgt strips on the blouse the blue pull over you never put strips on them as that's a Hollywood thing, have a holster couple different saber rigs plus a NCO saber Hat covered, if you want I have a vest that you can wear under the blouse or you can go with the pull over shirt. If you go the vest and blouse route a pain earth tone shirt of your choosing will work I wore white most of the time.suspenders white canvas prefered, pants large with NCO stripes. So that leaves your footware it depends on which way your going campaign or in garrison. Pull over shirt is campaign and vest and blouse is in garrison. In garrison footware would be laceup boots under pants leg campaign woulgd be knee length boots with pants tucked in. Also have a hunting knife that was issued during the Indian war era. Remember back then most still had parts of the federal uniform of the civil war only the recruits got full issue on new item if they were lucky.
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    Look into Coon Creek outfitters. They should be able to supply everything you need.
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    Do you need a rifle to go with it? I've got a battle of little big horn commemorative 1866 that would be perfect for it.
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    A case is 10 boxes so that's $8.99 a box, I can load 'em for a little more than HALF of that!
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    Wait a week and add another. Do this for 3-4 coats. OLG
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    Fellow "Toughskin" hater here, and those iron on patches when the knees went out. Remember trying to convince my Mom that Converse All Stars really were worth $5.95.
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    ...got me...I was thinking "Dang. she must be a drunk. First a cigarette and then a gun"?
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    I know! Right?! Kill you with cuteness! I view the bend as more of a slide. Perhaps I should stop cutting in line....
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    I wouldn't call that being "overcivilized". kR
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    AA5744, IMR3031, but... in fact, your intended use may include a bunch of others. For cast loads, get a Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, Ed. #4, it'll give you what they found as the most accurate load (in their test platform, YMMV), and many choices.
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