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    In an effort to get back to the friendly spirit of the original post, let me throw out some personal perspective from a long-time member (family of 4).......... To me personally, SASS simply represents a harkening back to childhood and westerns, let's me use guns in competition that I find a helluva lot more interesting than "modern" ones, has unquestionably the finest bunch of folks I've ever been around in any shooting discipline I've tried - and I've dabbled in many, and allows those same fine folks to provide a great influence on my teenage daughters at events we attend. Old fashioned values are the norm That being said, what keeps me paying dues for all four of us every year when we haven't shot a sanctioned match in almost two years, and even in years we have shot it's only 1 or 2 given our remote location? Simple, it's to support an organization that allows and fosters all of the above. Do I agree with everything that comes along? Not by a long shot, but they're still the hub of organized CAS shooting and I'll do what I can to support them even if I don't get that cool old monthly SASS newspaper. Now if I had to suggest a focus area to address (along with more active marketing), it would be to change the structure of how significant competitions are ran. Yes, it's an expensive sport - little can be done about that and I've never found a shortage of folks willing to lend guns. Far more problematic & prohibitive (from a middle aged/working family man) is the fact major matches have never been set up as family friendly for scheduling. I fully realize the scheduling challenges there are for a truly large event, but to put it simply holding much of an event on weekdays will ALWAYS limit your participation from families with kids in sports, academic calendar realities, etc unless they live nearby. For those of us that live a day's drive from any major event, that equates to nearly a full week off from work and school which is just damn tough to do. The competitive side of this sport is set up for retirees or empty nesters with some disposable income, which of course is exactly who the majority of competitors are at big events. That's an unfortunate reality to our sport, but I'll still continue our memberships indefinitely and shoot when we can......SASS has given me more enjoyment and fine friendships than I could ever repay and if my dues help someone like me jump into SASS/CAS a few years from now just because it's still around, that is icing on the cake. And here me and my family are, managing to promote our sport for a mining-related infomercial I was tapped for a couple years ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoGuvR82FX4#action=share Kid Colter (and family) Spearfish, SD now, but last 15 years in far north NV
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    I had one but it rolled right over ...... I now use a weather string .... much the same as the rock but also includes air movement indication ... .. string moving = breeze .. string horizontal = stronger wind .. string missing = batten down the hatches; OR thief in local area
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    Lunger is a SASS member that is always first to help new shooters with tips on how to improve their game and gear. At annual matches when he is dog tired you'll still see him working on shooters guns (free) helping them to the last minute. He is a advanced shooter that will help new and old shooters alike. He has helped me immensely. He also is not a braggart so I'm surprised this thread has got as much out of him as it did. Paying for a clubs SASS membership dues himself is just another thing he has unselfishly done to promote SASS. We'er not talking who is the better MAN here but who is the better SASS member to help this sport flourish....I know my pick.
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    For starters, I paid the entire sass affiliation fees for a local club that dropped sass recently. I didn't need to spend a nickel because i'm a life member as of a couple yrs ago, but feel I should help out when i'm able. New shooters come to my farm for cas shooting lessons for free, I fix their guns for free, I go to WR every yr and support my friends, and sass in general. Donate to wounded warrior program, that sass took up a collection for. My wife does at least as much, and is there for me. I'd say I have a fairly good reputation. Hoping I can quit there dedeye george, most of my friends in our sport work as hard as I do at it, like sass, and cas is supposed to be. Ask anyone in the northwest if you like, they'll tell you I don't ask what's in it for me. Lunger
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    ...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ...... Vern / Foothills Drifter...
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    Good Evening: Some of you may remember a while back, our generous pard, Sippin' Whiskey offered to do some minor leather repair free of charge. Well, I sent him a gunbelt that had one end chewed up. Sippin' Whiskey fixed it up for me while I was in the hospital gettin my knee replaced, and it was waiting for me when I arrived home today. It looks right nice! I just wanna say............................... THANKS PARD!!! --Dawg
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    When I got home from school back in the late 50'S the local TV station had a kid's program that included cartoon and a Little Rascals or Our Gang short. Every now and then I have to watch a few. The old film versions have have been cleaned up and restored. I always get a kick out of Spanky in his early years. I'd like to know how they could get the kids to perform - especially the toddlers.
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    I sent an e-mail to the NY state police to verify what is allowed under the law,will have to see if or when they respond,I'll do a copy and paste of their answer when(if) I get one.
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    Tell every NY resident that you know to be conservative and then tell them that they need to vote. All of NYC cannot be liberal. Until, be smart and keep the law as much as possible.
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    Bravada says if you bet $500 that she will be blonde and she is blonde, you win $100. They also offer prop bets on her first song.
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    56??? you are still just a kid. Happy Birthday.
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    Grits, the NRA is comprised of several tax entities that are both 501{C) -3 and 4. Because I like to determine how well the NRA progresses annually with membership revenue as an indicator, I go to the Guide Star website and read the various NRA Form 990's Guide Star keeps 3 years of Form 990's online Only the SASS SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION INC and SASS MUSEUM AND COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING HALL OF FAME are listed as 501[C) 3's. So believe SASS has not become a 501{C) -3 or 4 yet.
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    Hello Judge, I'm sorry, I don't see much difference in the following. "If you still don't understand the difference between Lunger's "What's in it for me?" and "what being a member really provides me?", I feel sorry that I can't explain it to you better." One just sounds nicer. I do agree that SASS could benefit from more marketing. I think it might be valuable to hear why new members joined. Regards, Allie
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    Clearly, not a single one of you has understood what I had posted when I asked for a value proposition for why someone who doesn't shoot at a state or national level should join the organization? You're all hyped up on "What's in it for me?", which is a MIS-QUOTE from Lunger. The actual quote was "what being a member really provides me?". There's a huge difference between the two. My question is the one that SASS needs to address to get new members. Lunger's question is, well, just insulting. Why should someone join the organization is the key issue here. If you're competitive, you have an answer: to go to the state and national competitions. If you're not competitive, what is your motivation for joining and renewing your membership? My value proposition is that SASS maintains the rule book. I use that to justify spending my money on SASS. Others value Cowboy Chronicle, and use that as their justification. "Ride the Brand" is, like the others, a valid justification. You're saying you want to be part of something. The key question is what value proposition appeals to new shooters? Is there one value proposition that can be identified which can be used to market SASS? Whenever someone makes a purchase, they want to know what they get for that purchase. When you send money to the NRA ILA, you know that money will be spent on promoting the 2nd amendment, and can feel good about yourself for giving them money. When you donate to the local fire department's campaign to buy a new pumper, you know you're supporting a worthy bunch of volunteers who will use that pumper to put out neighborhood fires. When you buy a turkey for Thanksgiving for the local shelter, you feel good about supporting your fellow man who may be down on his luck. When you buy a turkey for your own Thanksgiving dinner, you get to eat that turkey. This is the heart of "what a purchase provides me". If you still don't understand the difference between Lunger's "What's in it for me?" and "what being a member really provides me?", I feel sorry that I can't explain it to you better. There is a HUGE difference rooted in customer psychology marketing. The point of my original post was to trigger a discussion on what marketing methods would be successful in bringing new members to SASS, not to invite a "pile on" about whether someone feels like they should get something for free.
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    Naw..... Your still a 49er! Happy Birthday! Senior is still to come.
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    Go to the Wolff Gunsprings site for that info. https://www.gunsprings.com/RUGER/SINGLE%20ACTION%20SERIES/cID3/mID52/dID228 IIRC on the OMV the t'spring was 40oz. OLG
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    Howdy..... You're still a youngster...... Vern / Foothills Drifter...
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    Why thank you Pards. I appreciate it. Yep, I am officially a senior. 56 today. I now have an excuse to be grumpy. Nah...life's too short to be grumpy.
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    I've been using the Lee Auto-Drum for a little over a year. It works great for both Real Black Powder and Smokeless Powder. I don't use black powder subs, so I can't comment on those. It's very accurate with smokeless, but for some reason, with black powder I will get very slight differences. Nothing that affects the load. I always get enough in the case to get slight compression. I load .45ACP and some .45 Colt with smokeless and .38WCF, .45 Schofield and some .45 Colt with Black Powder. I've never cleaned the Auto-Drum and I use the same plastic powder reservoir for both smokeless and black powder. Before I got the Lee Auto-Drum I had used the Lee Pro-Disk for about 10 years with smokeless and black powder. Never cleaned it, never a problem. The Lee Auto-Drum works as well as the Lee Disk set up if not better. For me, it's a quicker change when doing different loads. All black powder that I use is 2F.
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    Green marbles are a token of fertility in jusjoshinya tribe. They'll be upset they've lost their marbles for sure.
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    I was born in Boston, so have to root for the Pats. That said, I want to see Brady face the Comish and give him a big raspberry, then watch the coach present a deflated football to him.
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    Big Sage, Most don't care about it. They just want to shoot and have fun. I think SASS is doing the best they can. I'm sure if it goes non-profit, Misty will let us know. I don't care which way they decide, I just want them to remain in business.
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    Calamity Kris's truck driver got ya beat ...... he lost 38,000 pounds .....
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    That should do it, I am located in central California
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    Oh yes sir I know I just keep reading and watching videos trying to learn more
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    Might as well mount a hat and coat rack on that wall. Available from Home Depot. There will be a place for your cowboy hat and holster rig. http://www.homedepot.com/p/liberty-27-in-White-and-Satin-Nickel-Tri-Hook-Rack-45CHHR-WSN-L1/205625688. or something similar with six hooks.
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    Last year two boys offered to shovel my drive and I took them up on their kind offer. It was a wet and heavy snow and it was worth it.
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    Up here we have a few clubs that at times allow a Wild Bunch Military category. (1911, Model 12 shotgun, Tommy Gun) We also have one club that once or twice a year sets up a course for "Cowboys and Aliens." Lots and lots of targets from up close to 100 yards. Any and all guns you want to bring are good to go. From Cowboy guns to AR's to M1's to???... No times, No misses or hits called. Just follow the course correctly. Blast as much ammo as you can afford and have fun.
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    Rye, I went on Pandora and found "Instrumental Folk Music". I liked it so much I created my own station on there. Of course once you start "liking" certain songs Pandora plays more songs in the style that you "thumbs up" so my station is now more or less instrumental Blue Grass....and I used to be a Metal head.
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    At 500 yards, I would invest in a GOOD scope AND tripod. Otherwise, I'd find myself ultimately buying the scope and tripod I should have purchased to start with. And, I wouldn't loan it to the club, either.
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    Today in Fiddletown, CA. Big fluffy flakes are falling.
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    Utah Bob's ski resort! Deep powder and lots of it. Book Now!
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    Snow out the wazoo here today. Plowed 3 times. Looks like it's slacking off finally.
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