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    FREE Motel room for CBAC 2017 from Americas Best Value Inn. Its easy to enter??? send a dollar bill with your name on it to the Bar 3 Ranch. Winner will get a FREE room for the match and all the money is yours to use for anything you want. Just our way to say THANK YOU for helping fill up Comin Back at Cha 2017 registration 9 months early. We are gonna have a Large Texas Time. Last year Big Iron Buster and Doc Roy L Pain won the Great American Best Value Inn Vacation Getaway 2016. "it's the little raffle with a big name" GOOD LUCK
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    The new Mercedes! http://sundown.me.uk/technology/mercedes-aa-class.mp4
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    I think there'll be more Walter Brennan lines!
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    Pat, this is really good advice, when I readjusted the second set of holsters I wondered what they would feel like if I had to bend down--picking up brass might be a challenge I think, so I'll have to try that. Great piece of advice.
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    He'd probably snort it!!! Is that even legal??? New lines that Dawg will use when writing stages in the hospital: Mr. Dillon, Mr. Dillon!!!! I'll shoot that other knee if you go for that gun! Where's my cane??? Can someone help me get off this horse?? I'll be there, just give me an hour or so!!
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    Sorry folks. This is the one John Wayne movie that I intensely disliked. It appears to pander to the libtards and displays a clear lack of common sense on the part of Wayne's character. He knows full well that he is not only in danger but is being hunted by killers. Even so, he disarms himself to give in to the idiotic ideas of the female protagonist that guns are inherently bad. As a result, Wayne nearly gets himself killed at least twice by being unable to defend himself. Of course, at the end he is saved by a plot device of a handy sheriff who isn't seen until he miraculously shoots the bad guys to protect Wayne. Even after all that, Wayne and company ride off in a buckboard and Wayne throws away his guns. Dear God! What a load of bull feces! I can't believe that I actually watched the whole thing. Warhorse
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    Maybe Rye could bring a pinch or two of Holy Black so you can make a line of it on the table and put a match to it so at least you get the smell. Glad to hear you're up and about!
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    Mr. Parker: Is there a reputable leather works within driving distance of where you live? The reason I ask, is that I am a new shooter also, although I have not yet attended and shot at a match. My concern with either mail order or trying holsters on myself, such as you are doing, is that I would not have that one on one with the experienced leather works person. I therefore, looked for someone near me and found Classic Leather Works in Altoona, Florida and with my wife, met with the owner, Half-Breed Don. What a pleasure it was to talk CAS with a veteran shooter, and learn all the valuable information that could not have been obtained through any other means, other than face to face. He showed me various styles of holsters, we talked about what category I would be shooting in, what guns I would be using, etc. I was able to try on various styles of gun belts/holsters, learn of their specific characteristics, and more importantly, have the design and construction of the rig explained and visually shown to me. With examples of lesser quality rigs on hand, Don was able to show me the drastic differences between lower quality materials and the materials he uses. The same went for the shotgun belt. My rig fits like I was born with it on. And the quality is beyond what I expected. Don has guaranteed that this rig is built to last and it is reflected in the finished product. I no longer have to worry about saying " If I could do it all over again, I would choose to meet with a leather works person face to face". Best to you in your endeavor for a great fitting, great looking rig.
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    That second set needs to be brought in to the front quite a bit. Once you have them in front, the cant and outset will make drawing and reholstering feel natural
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    Once again, Starline brass has delivered me good, clean pieces of new brass. Last years order of .32 H&R brass required NO pre-preparations. No deburring/chamfering required. I started the reloading process by 'belling' the case mouth and everything worked great. TODAY, I received my latest order of 10mm brass. No deburring/chamfering required. Just 'bell' the case mouth and start reloading. These guys sure know their business. ..........Widder
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    deleted by Sippin' whiskey
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    Just texted with Dakota Skipper, Dawg is out of sugery, it went well. She is waiting until he is out of recovery to see him. Will keep everyone posted!
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    Pres. Ronald Reagan, Sam Elliot, Michael Martin Murphey, Chris LeDoux, to name a few that are also my heroes......
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    That'll get him down to a minute!!!
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    We didn't exactly "meet". I threw him out of our band's so-called "dressing room" at the 321 Club in Santa Monica, CA back in 1988 (I believe). It was before he was "big". He and another guy were swiping beer from our cooler and I came in and caught them and that scrawny long haired punk tried to get all "bad" on me, so I grabbed him and shoved him out the door. He tried to come back in, screaming like a ***** and 2 of the band members got between us and he went on his way acting like the punk that he was. I didn't know it was him until later when I saw his picture in a Rolling Stone article.
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    Yul, Dawg and "Normal" in the same sentence. Now, just think about that. Seamus, Careful what we wish for. Dawg beats me wid guns I built for im, VOIDS DA WARRANTY!! Rye, We gonna hafta give da Nurses a Head Start. Nah. The Dakota Slipper'll trip im.
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    Politics aside, from a business standpoint it doesn't make sense to me to exclude a state that's population is more than ten percent of the country and potentially the largest customer base in the world over 5 minutes of work.
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    I've been in close proximity to a few celebrities but the time I remember actually meeting some was while I was stationed at Pope AFB. In 1987 Bobe Hope did the Air Force 40th birthday show there and because of us being in engineering we spent a lot of time working at the show site which takes days to actually film. Lots of celebrities were there including Ronald Reagan, whose hand I shook so I suppose that counts. What was really cool though was that during rehearsals we got to sit and watch and Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, and Glen Cambell kept coming out and sitting with me and some buddies. Basically the were taking it easy and kicking back with us during breaks just being people. I thought that was pretty neat. They are the only autographs of anyone that I have. I met Brooke Shields at the same show....she was not a pleasant person to be around.
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    Oh I forgot. Once I met Richard "Goose" Gossage, the first Major League relief pitcher to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The only thing is, I didn't even realize it until minutes later. His hometown is where I currently live, but I never knew that until the announcement about his HoF induction was released. This was in 2008, the year Gossage was inducted. I was in my friend's gun store, and only one other customer was there. The other customer had made a purchase and was waiting for the background check to come through. I casually mentioned to the store owner, my friend, "Did you hear Goose Gossage got into the hall? That's awesome. No relief pitcher has ever done that before." The customer walked up and asked me if I liked baseball (baseball is almost a religion for me). He asked if I was a Gossage fan, and I told him, "I just like baseball. I remember him playing when I was a kid, but I wouldn't know him if I saw him..." and a few other things. Fortunately I didn't have anything disparaging to say about him We talked about baseball for a few minutes, but he never told me who he was. The background check came back, and my friend told him he was good to take the gun. The customer excused himself from our conversation, took the gun, and left after exchanging pleasantries with my friend, who called him, "Rich" and smiled at me. Doh.
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    I have never used Clyp before. My guess is that the song can be downloaded from the site.
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    Really, he can't ask a simple question?
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    Too bad we can't just post from our own computer/desktop directly to this site. I belong to several other sites and they do this. Sure is a hell of a lot easier.
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