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    I finally convinced my gunsmith to profile my ’51 Navy R-M conversion hammers. I really like the appearance and the improvement when shooting.
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    Can you provide cost and contact information Mr. Lipowicz? Thanks
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    Creeker: This past September, the theme for our annual, Fall Round-Up, was "New School vs. Old School." Half the stages incorporated some things we don't usually do much any more. According to the surveys I received, the "Old School" stages were well received. One example: a full sized cutout of "Little Johnny," the brat who tormented you all through grade school. Shooter started standing in school house doorway with an old fashioned felt chalkboard eraser in one hand, ready for revenge. Starting line..."Hey, Johnny!" At the beep, toss the eraser at Little Johnny, step forward and retrieve rifle. etc. I awarded a 3 second time reduction for the stage for a "hit" on the brat - about the same amount of time it took to react, throw, and actually start shooting. Most everyone hit Johnny, but some of the misses were monumental, and provided some interesting "talking points" at the socials. CS
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    .38 WCF (.38-40 ) 180 gr. Soft Lead RNFP Velocity 800 Fps. in pistols ... Jabez Cowboy
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    Oh, My.. This one should be good for several hundred posts!! IMHO, taking a refresher course documents to SASS that you SHOULD know the rules and are a qualified CRO/TO. Not all CRO/TO’s are created, some good, some bad, most in the middle, regardless of recent attendance to a RO Class. If you are the type that can READ the manual and keep up with the clarifications/changes, and have good mentors, you really don’t need to take a refresher course other than for documentation reasons. Attendance is a good idea, and a good way to review and discuss recent changes, but if you don’t it doesn’t immediately disqualify you from being a CRO/TO especially at the monthly shoot level. When making any call that isn't a run of the mill ruling, always keep, and consult a copy of the miss flowchart and pocket RO card found in the manual even when you "Think" you know the call.. F.S.
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    I firmly believe each and every cowboy action shooter but me should have a Henry Big Boy.
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    Interesting. People pay for a ride in a flying bus, cramped and confined and think they bought the plane. Its a cattle car folks. Worst of all, the attitude. I don't like it so it should be banned. Are you kidding me? I like Chantry's idea. If they invade your bubble relentlessly just participate in their conversation.
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    I don't know. I'm still disappointed that out of three hundred sixty MILLION people in this country those were the best two we could find.
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