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    Most shooters on the various posses at different matches shoot 20 inches or less length 73 barrels. Between son and I we have 6 73s all 20 inch barrels in 357. Son has a couple other 73s, 44-40 and 45 LC with longer barrels he does not shoot.
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    why??? evenings are so much more pleasant that way......
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    We tried a few W3G matches at Tater Hill a few years ago and even had the bonus targets made for it. We hoped it would draw more shooters to our small program and maybe give us a little something different.. All that came were mostly are small group of regulars, The serious SASS shooters complained about it messing up their timing. I thought it was fun. We had several Wild Bunch matches before WB became official, but they did not catch on either. The shooters were so concerned about brass recovery it took forever to shoot a match. We switched to doing a .22 version of WB match and we get at least a few shooters. The last one I wrote with 20 pistol shots on a few stages was right out of a club's real WB matches. The shooters expected the usual 10-10-4 round count of a regular cowboy match complained about too many pistol rounds. At least we did not spend all day looking for missing brass. Times have changed. None of the real competitive shooters want to shoot flying birds or shoot a Texas star. Even the simple shotgun target which pops up a clay slows down a regular match, but would add to a W3G. If I knew I could draw some shooters, I would work to get some dates and put on W3G or WB on a regular basis.
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    I have rediscovered popping in a pan in oil and melted butter and salt on top. Nothing else comes close.
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    Get the Marlin, money well spent. I have a older JM Marlin in .44 Magnum. It has the 20 inch octagon barrel. I do not use it for CAS, it is a woods gun carried in a scabbard under my right knee when on my horse. It is tuned and shoots any flavor of .44 mag. They exist just have to look around for one.....
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    Just for the records, I am currently shooting Great Western IIs and have been since 2004. I shot Colts up until that time starting in the mid 1980s. I had my picture in the Colt Catalog twice in the 90's because Colt thought it was pretty interesting that I was competing with Colt's manufactured over a hundred years apart One made in 1875 and the other manufactured in 1981. I would still be shooting the Colt's, but the Great Westerns are much prettier and the Munden action jobs on them make them a dream to shoot. BTW: All my SAs are in .45 Colt Hope I didn't disappoint you Happy Jack.
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    Pool Table ...... M-16 Sling and Bayonetta/Scabbard.
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