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    MY NEW RIG!!! Built to my specs and it came out exactly as I envisioned!!! I'm a happy cowboy!!! D.a.d leather did the work.
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    My gold Life badge after 20 years was no longer gold so I called SASS to order a replacement and they told me they have a life time warranty to contact Smith&Warren so I did, they asked for pics and I sent the pics after two hours they sent me a return authorization to refinish it . That's great service! Von Dutch
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    Watching the Weather Channel and one of their reporters is on Tybee Island, GA. People in the background are boarding up. She says, “I talked to a local businessman and asked if he’d like to say a few words on camera and he told me no and that he was really stressed out with the storm approaching and so on. But I told him it would only take a few seconds and eventually he agreed to to talk” Having had numerous contacts with reporters, both broadcast and print, over the years I can tell you that’s how they operate. She badgered the poor fella until he agreed to talk. Mostly so she’d go away. These people are trained in how to squeeze a statement from you. If you are ever put in that situation just ignore them. They specially like stressful or tragic situations because they know you will be vulnerable. They may seem sympathetic and will tell you how important it is for people to hear your story. Don’t believe them! They’re just trying to make a story and put their spin on it, and climb the corporate “news entertainment” ladder. Over a 30 Year career in law enforcement, I can count the reporters I dealt with who I considered fair, impartial and ethical on the fingers of one hand. About like politicians. I only wish I had been interviewed live on the air on my last day of work. I woulda gone out with a bang. Non weather related rant mode off.
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    I am excited to see my granddaughter is now shooting. She is just 15 years old and excited about shooting Cowboy Action. I think if we all could introduce some new young shooters into this sport we will continue to see the shooting sports be successful. Jedi TV was there and he was gracious enough to film her. Thanks Jedi Knight
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    Tarzan and his hairy pards were more sophisticated than one might think. They used to fix things with a Gorilla Glue. p.s. I typed pards but the computer decided I meant parts and changed it. Fortunately I caught it. Woulda changed the whole character of the post.
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    If your springs are too light to set them off, your springs are too light for "race" guns. Lock time is important. Springs that are too light cause more issues than primers not going off. I know shooters that can, quite literally, out run a gun with light springs. Just stop putting light springs in your guns.
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    So, I guess I cannot travel to SF for fear of arrest as a member of a terrorist organization. Somehow, that doesn't seem like much of a loss. LL
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    You set them up, supply a scenario, score the match, you take them down, tell me the score. That's all I need to be very, very happy.
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    Some things (intentions) never change. 1146 European leaders outlaw crossbow, intending to end war for all time
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    Oh, I'm a member! I was browsing Fox News on my tablet while at lunch the other day when some windowlicker sitting behind me piped up with, "I don't see how you can read Fox News." Without even moving I replied, " It's just as easy as you reading over a stranger's shoulder and having the gall to @#$%* about what he's looking at." I got to eat my lunch in peace after that, for some reason.
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    If you wore pants and underwear under your chaps you wouldn't need a butt cover!
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    Don't forget the 500-pound gorilla needed to loosen the screws on Ubertis.
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    UB, It's a C-130 coupe, not the full size
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    I ordered a set of $25 Hogue grips. They feel really, really great.
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    Red oaks drop acorns every other year and I have been told that my nuts are huge. Anyways prime grazing ground.
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    JEDI Creeker, I agree. But I have also experienced frustration in the face of our young shooters and the occasional 'spouse' shooter when targets become set 'further out'. And contrary, those same shooters tend to enjoy those stages where they have a better chance of shooting CLEAN within their proficiency levels..... which I often refer to as 'Optimum Performance' abilities. Good post. ..........Widder
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    I've been toying with my 30-30 a bit. Finally found some ammo it likes. Not cast but I wanted to see if it could shoot accurately before I went to the trouble of loading cast 5 shots 107 yrds from sand bags. Not bad for a rifle made in 1904
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    Just got back my 32s with new octagon barrels from Snake Oil George. Action work was by Jimmy Spurs
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    WHITE targets also SUCK when shooting BP.
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    Here's the story, gents. This pistol did belong to Henry Fish with whom I just had a good phone conversation, nice guy. He told me that he purchased a few of these Colts thru an ad that SASS published in their newspaper a few years back. These were supposed to have a nickel finish but came without. Henry sent them back to Colt Custom Shop and had them finished in nickel. Got 'em back, shot them and the nickel flaked off, so back to Colt they went with instructions to remove the nickel. Long story short Henry worked out some other deal with Colt and Colt kept the revolvers, so there maybe another .38-40 "Skatter" floating around out there. Henry told me to enjoy the gun and to go shoot the heck out of it which I now plan to do! End of story. I like a happy ending! Thanks to all of you for your help & interest! duk
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    Or people who drive on my ass when I’m driving slow in the left lane.
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    I was grumpily walking on the treadmill this afternoon and noticed that the walking belt was slightly off center. So I got out the manual and looked up how to correct it. Pretty simple. Start it up let it run at 1-1.5 mph and turn the left adjusting screw until the belt moves back to center. Got ‘r done. Then I noticed from the digital info panel that I had burnt several calories while on the floor adjusting the belt! It counts your calories whether you’re on it or not! My pulse was really low too according to the screen. This changes everything. Turn on the treadmill, sit down in a chair and watch those calories burn away. Win win exercise program the way I see it. Time for some pizza.
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    I shoot about four times a month and I load everything on a single stage RCBS that I have used for 40 years. I have no problem keeping up with supply and demand. I do not expect a lot of agreement as most people are set in their ways of doing things but I will give you my opinion for your consideration for what is worth. If you spend very much time on the range you will see (and hear) a significant number of ammunition failures of all sorts. High primers, split casings, inconsistent powder charge, inadequate crimp of the bullet etc. When you use a progressive press there are multiple things going on with every pull of the handle and it can be difficult to detect when things are going wrong without a lot of inspecting of the finished product. A single stage press will let you feel and see what is happening in each step of the process. If you have a high primer and you don't find it until after the bullet has been loaded over a charge, what is your next option? To try to seat the primer deeper on a loaded cartridge? You can feel a split or splitting case when you are resizing. You can feel the crimp which may not occur in a short casing. Any of these issues could cost you 25 to 50 seconds in a match if the cartridge jams up the gun. You should decide on the quality control you want to have control of especially when you're just starting out. Just a thought.
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    Good post. IMO other than the shooter, Spotters are the most important factor in determining who wins. Their ability to make the right call is paramount in this game. I totally agree that Spotting is becoming more difficult in today's game than it use to be. For some reason people will jump right into the Spotters position before they will assist in other needed positions. Too many times I've seen Spotters "Asleep at the Wheel", just kinda standing there taking up space. It is a job that requires the person to be attentive and alert. A spotter should not be gabbing all the time , he/she should be closely watching the action. Since spotter provide feedback to the T.O., they need to have a good understanding of the rules. Very few people can maintain the attention needed to do a good job of spotting for the entire stage. Spotters need to take a break and hand it off to someone else that is fresh. I read the question about how do you know if a spotter is not doing a good job. Well there are a number of signs that would indicate that the spotter ought to be replaced. Constantly looking to see what the other spotters have before making their call, or constantly being out of step with the other spotters, constantly gabbing rather than paying attention. Trying to spot while sitting on his backside away from the action. Sorry about that, I know that some folks must sit down, I need to do it some myself, but you CAN NOT do a good job of spotting while sitting on your donkey. A spotter needs to be mobile so that he/she can actually see what is going on. A big match is not the place for a newbie to learn the art of Spotting.. we all need the practice, but there is a time and place for most things. Watching for the miss is a good way to make a good call if the surroundings are suitable, such as a dirt bay or such. Seeing where the bullet hits can offer major feedback as to a solid hit, an edge hit or a clean miss. Bottom line is that anyone in the Spotting position should be doing a good job, no excuses for age, infirmities, or anything. If you can't do a good job of Spotting, then don't get into the position. If you are the T.O. and don't like the way someone is spotting, then gently replace them. Snakebite
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    I shoot with Blood Bill Anderson just about every weekend. This one, being his Birthday Weekend, was no exception. Thought y’all might wanna wish him a Happy Birthday AND, see the sweep his wife came up with to celebrate “the Old Guy’s” Birthday.
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    A Facebook Find
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    I’ll say that if some maple syrup happens to get on my bacon or sausage during breakfast, I don’t mind at all
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    I have several big, flashy knives. I used to wear them on my gun belt, one Bowie that matches my giraffe bone pistol grips on my 1875 Remingtons. But a true favorite has to be a Case Trapper, given to me at the Georgia State match. No ceremony. No big hooraw. Just a cowboy that I hold in high esteem!! We were sitting in my vendor tent, just visiting. He stood up and said, 'I'll be right back!" I had a Trapper for many years, starting in high school and up until it was lost. I don't recall the circumstances, but I missed that critter for several years. I had loaned it out a couple of times and on one occasion it was returned with the tip broken off of the pointed blade. Another time, I was working on a race car and I broke a little more off of the same blade, but I kept that knife anyway. Like I said, it wandered off one time and never came back. When my cowboy friend returned that day, he handed me a small box marked W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co. It contained a brand new, custom embellished Trapper. It is numbered as a limited edition. It mostly stays in my safe! He said, "We only give these out to people we think are special. There are only a few." THANK YOU! JOE WEST!!!
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    It’s considered to be inviting bad luck to ride with a dead man’s guns. Actually, I don’t know that. I just made it up. But it sounded ominous enough. It’s probably just because it’s a movie, and you don’t want the hero to be robbing dead guys.
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    When Rye walked into the Saloon and scanned the room I saw his eyes settle in my direction and I saw a pain in his face that was evident. He walked over to the table and took the bottle and moved it out of the way. "I got word from Stone Creek." He said with more effort than it should take, before handing me the telegram. I read it and reread it several times, my own anger welling up. "Sheriff, I am at your service. Whatever you wish for me to do, I will execute your instructions to the best of my ability." He nodded "I figured-do what you did to Johan." I nodded, "We need to talk in private." A few minutes later, we were in his office "Rye, I didn't do anything to Johan, but I would have gotten around to it if I hadn't been beaten to the punch." He looked at me "So then, who did?" I shook my head "It doesn't matter and it isn't my place to say . . . call it attorney client privilege. But the fact remains Zeb Gardner is convinced of it and that works to our advantage." Rye nodded "He wants to kill you, and you are volunteering to be bait." I smiled "Exactly. Why don't you lock me up for the torture and murder of Johan and lets get a trial on the schedule." Rye looked at me "You sure?" I nodded-"What's the worst that could happen?" He shrugged "You could get lynched" I looked at him "Yeah, but I know you won't let that happen." He extended a hand and proclaimed solemnly "No, I will not."
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    Yep...a certain dipstick I know sprayed bore foam down his barrel with a rubber plug stuck in the chamber. What a mess. I’ll never do that again.
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    One Sunday a cowboy went to church. When he entered, he saw that he and the preacher were the only ones present. The preacher asked the cowboy if he wanted him to go ahead and preach. The cowboy said, “I’m not too smart, but if I went to feed my cattle and only one showed up, I’d feed him.” So the minister began his sermon. One hour passed, then two hours, then two-and-a-half hours. The preacher finally finished and came down to ask the cowboy how he liked the sermon. The cowboy answered slowly, “Well, I’m not very smart, but if I went to feed my cattle and only one showed up, I sure wouldn’t feed him all the hay.” (I do believe that if only one of his kine showed up he'd go try to find out why the others weren't there)
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    Rye continued with his rangering and occasionally stopped in Stone Creek to say howdy. He wound up in Tucson and met a beautiful Mexican lady named Rosa. The sheriff position was open and the sheriff they had was going to retire. Jack Beauchamp, was the sheriff's deputy and decided to run for sheriff. He was well known in town but not always for good deeds. He was known to use the brothels a little too much and treated the ladies of the night pretty rough. He never showed up at church and always had a slight smell of liquor on his breath. People didn't care if he drank, heck everyone did but it was frowned on if he was on duty. Rosa helped Rye put together a campaign for sheriff. She had posters printed up and bragged to everyone about her man. She fell deeply for Rye and it kind of scared him. He had never been this involved with a lady before. She was beautiful with long black hair and the deepest dark brown eyes he'd ever seen. He was pretty much mesmerized by her. As the campaign rolled along, Rye and Jack had words and not any civil. Jack was jealous of Rye. Who was he to come into a town that he's been the deputy sheriff of and run against him. Rye was an outsider. Jack hated Rye and as the campaign rolled on it became obvious to everyone. That turned people against Jack and besides Rye was an outgoing, friendly sort. He played piano some in the saloon and also played some guitar at a couple church services along with the piano player and choir. People were flabbergasted by him tuning the pianos in town. Rye soon became popular with most of the town. One night as Rye walked Rosa home from a nice dinner they had. Jack stopped him. He reeked of whiskey and staggered some. "You should just take that greaser lady with you and get out of town before something bad happens", said Jack. Rye scooted Rosa off to the side and cold cocked Jack without even saying a word. He staggered and got his balance and came after Rye. He was met with a kick in the shins and another good solid punch to the jaw. Rye grabbed him by the collar and punched him in the gut as hard as he could. Jack stumbled and fell over holding his stomach. Rye left him there and hurried Rosa to her house where she lived with her mother and father and two younger brothers. Rosa was shaken up and Rye said, "Don't worry darlin', I've been dealing with punks like this for as long as I can remember. Everything will be fine. He cupped her face in his hands and gave her a gentle kiss and she smiled and went in the house, as she was closing the door she blew him a kiss.
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    What ticks me off? Well, OFF and Cutter both work well at keeping those nasty critters away.
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    As you can see, there is no "the" so here's mine, Cimarron by Armscor. Hasn't failed me yet. If your curiosity goes beyond idleness, there are lots of posts about favorite 1911's to peruse in the WB forum.
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    Savy Jack. Don't worry somebody would miss it too.
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    I agree. I started with the Lee hand loading kits and still have a shelf full of them. I graduated to a Lee hand press and had all my reloading equipment plus powder, bullets and primers in one briefcase. Then to a hand me down Hurters C press. Then to a Lyman C press (my son still loading on it.) Then a Dillon 450. Then a few years back added a second Dillon - a 550b. Right now I have a Lee C press clamped to the bench next to the 450. I've been using it to load 38WCF. Jsut easier to use it rather than change out the 450 (that's set up for 38 Short Colt through 357 Magnum) or the 550b. Here is my idea of q good starter kit. Lee Breech Lock Challenger Single Stage Reloading Press Kit https://www.grafs.com/catalog/product/productId/7524
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    I really like the way this video was edited to show both competitors in the prospective as well as the targets. What's missing is any kind of information about the match or who the competitors are. Most likely in Europe.
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    Wonder how the pilots were able to fit in the seat? Must have been a tight fit, because of the size of the ballz they had......... OLG
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    Colorado is like so many other western states, such as WA, OR and NV. The majority of the state is rural and conservative, if you're just counting the actual land mass. But the majority of the actual population is amassed in the large cities which are mostly liberal. Here in WA if you were to take a giant saw to the border of Seattle/Tacoma and let it fall into the hole you'd be left with a state that would be mostly conservative and pro-gun, but the state would also lose 2/3 of its population!
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    Honestly, I ain't puttin' my phone number on the interwebz. No way, no how. There's an email address. And I'll respond within 12 hours. Sooner on the weekends. I get enough crap and robo calls. I'm not posting my number on a web page. Doc
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