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  2. Use mil-spec velcro and buckles ONLY. Stay away from Joanns China made junk. Use polyester thread as needed. I say this as a former 'ramp-rat'(HA&WAL). OLG
  3. No suggestion, sorry. I had some not cheap Samsonite cases destroyed by by those chimps on the ramps. Oh, one was damaged by TSA. yeah there is a guarantee, don’t ask. All I can say is GOOD LUCK!
  4. Folk that think Californians are not fighting for 2nd Amendment rights are so full of 'stuff', that their eyes should be brown What happens in CA, WILL spread like a cancer. OLG
  5. Rider, I appreciate your sentiment. However.... About 25 years ago we had a rally. Well organized, well executed. An estimated 8- to 10- thousand of us gathered on the Capitol Grounds in Sacramento. It was magnificent! Many excellent addresses by very good speakers, the event was peaceful, and when we left, the place was whistle-clean. The media - newspapers (remember them?), television stations, radio... if reported at all, stated that "a few dozen people gathered today in Sacramento to demonstrate...." I will credit them for stopping short of declaring us a "nuisance." But barely. Quite honestly, in today's world I do not know if it could be carried off peacefully in this state. Oh, I have confidence in US; it's the radical lefties that I fear would carry the day. If not in numbers, then in deeds - and I will leave that thought to be pondered.
  6. I thought the same thing. Perhaps a childhood event that has not been addressed???
  7. Courtesy of the ramp workers on our latest flights, I get to replace one of my pieces of luggage. I won't get into details. Let is suffice to say a CHEAP suitcase in the hands of a careless ramp worker leads to issues. I have done some research on the web regarding replacement luggage and have found a highly rated piece at a somewhat reasonable price. I am also looking at sewing some simple 2 inch wide cinch straps , using a metal ring with heavy duty strapping material and heave duty hook and loop on one end to hold them together, about a foot of hook and loop. My thought being the length of hook and loop will make it a bit more difficult to snag the end and simply pop it open. The buckle on the first luggage strap I purchased shattered on the first use and caused the strap to get caught in the luggage carousel at the airport, creating some unhappy campers there. Now I'm looking to do something a little different. All suggestions welcome. Thanks, CK P.S. I've been searching the web for the last couple of hours and have not found anything heavy enough for what I would like to do.
  8. Exactly! Needle nose pliers are named not for their shape, but for their use!
  9. I would mail it to them. I would wrap it in bubble wrap, wrap the bubble wrap in packing tape, put it in a small box, tape the bejesus out of it and mail it. Yes, I know that’s illegal. It’s not like I illegally tampered with an election or bumped off somebody.
  10. Bill, they don't post the stages but you will like them. I didn't see the stage instructions but all the targets look good.
  11. I say “talk to you” or “see you...later”. If it’s my sister or daughter I include “I love you.” If it’s a friend I say “later”. I rarely ever say “goodbye”. Goodbye is kind of final. I will say “goodbye” to people I hope not to see again or people I know I won’t be seeing again, like solicitors at my door. I guess I am kind of like Alpo’s Dad in regards to using “goodbye”. My grandmother used to say that “Goodbye might be forever.” She did say “goodbye” to me on what became her deathbed when I was 14. She knew she was going to die. I prayed she wouldn’t, but she did. I don’t care much for “goodbye”.
  12. I personally think a lot more hassle and expense than reward. If your planning on shooting BP. .... Rugers can be a royal PITA with BP. However if you just want to play with a bunch of different guns, you're well on your way I personally don't own any 44-40 and don't have a desire. So I'm not the best sounding board.
  13. For a SASS Shooter, I would simply put it in my car, and drive the thousand miles immediately so that their collection could be filled at no charge. Getting me to leave, however, is going to be expensive.
  14. For family, close friends, we usually say "Love You", because it might be the last time we communicate with them, as Uno recently found out. For other people we aren't as friendly with, I say "Take good care". That to me shows some concern for the other person's well being without being too personal.
  15. Sounds like a problem with a specific, individual firearm, not all Big Boys. Cat Brules
  16. If the person agrees, just pull the bullet, dump the powder, pop the primer then reseat the bullet and send it. If he/she still wants it in a live state then they're going to need to mail me Alex Hamilton's face first. .
  17. What's $10.00? If it was a fellow SASS shooter or a friend, I'd mail it to them legal like. If it was someone I didn't know or a non SASS person, I'd ask them for the cost of legal postage. Although the chances of getting caught improperly mailing it, I wouldn't take any chances. To me, it's just not worth it. If they want it bad enough, they'll compensate you for postage.
  18. Honestly, the way this country (and world) is going I don't think I'd want to be 15yo again. I just read in the news this morning that something like 54% of under-30 people in this country are either socialist or have a favorable view of socialist ideas. The republic that our forefathers fought and died for is in decay, I'm afraid. I just hope it waits until I'm done with it before it finally crumbles.
  19. Changing shot size won't change column height. Have to change shot bushing for more volume.
  20. Hallelujah! Preach it! 5 times a month year round.
  21. Today
  22. If money were no object I'd be all over these. You may not have noticed, but I was a little green at the last match watching you empty them at the unloading table.
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