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  2. I wonder how much carbon pollution is being generated by these fires and who is going to pay the fine? https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/22/weather/bootleg-oregon-fire-carbon-offsets/index.html
  3. Sometimes jobs are like holding a baby with a stinky diaper. Pretty hard to get someone else to take it. Congratulations J-Bar, don't drop the baby!
  4. Hello, short update, We have received new orders from Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Alaska, Texas. Thank you very much. https://www.polishcappers.com/en/p/kapiszonownik-uniwersalny-model-pcc-na-okolo-150-szt-kapiszonow https://www.polishcappers.com/en/p/kapiszonownik-uniwersalny-model-pcp-pro-na-okolo-80-szt-kapiszonow https://www.polishcappers.com/en/p/star-capper-kapiszonownik-uniwersalny Our PCC, PCP PRO and Star Capper are perfect for Remington, Colt, ROA and other guns. You can read our Customers opinions here:
  5. Was Gordon Liddy the guy who had a radio show? Talked bout his wife’s guns?
  6. What happens to all the guns you already own? What about guns owned by other members of the same household? Would a cap & ball pistol be considered a firearm? Would a cap & ball pistol with a conversion cylinder be a firearm?
  7. I run a Garmin in both vehicles and have a spare for any rental. Power via USB, bury the power cable as clean as possible, then does all the good things. Auto power, loops for 12 days(full 2 hour commute and various side trips) on a 64MB card, smart phone link and upload. Only thing I don’t do that I should is run front and back. Cheaply added and sometimes necessary, insurance.
  8. Hello

     Would purchase 500 of the blue shells , just need your preferred method for payment . Thanks

  9. Today
  10. Howdy! If you find any more 357, I'd be interested! Thanks! SJ
  11. PM sent I think the pictures might have got through to your cell on the 3rd or 4th try. Benefits of country living = crappy cell service & worst internet service known to man. Other than that and waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, it's pretty nice out here.
  12. Thanks for offer on CZ & Norinco. I have decided to buy another.
  13. I used a GoPro for a while. Replaceable micro sd. Easy to move from truck to bike, then in pocket so it wasn't stolen from the bike. Had to remember to turn it on every time and charge it. Things I learned and would want: Auto on with movement so it would've recorded the hit and run driving away. Auto on with ignition so I didn't have to remember to turn it on. Something that can be hardwired instead of batteries. Auto looping where it records over old footage so you don't have to manually wipe the old files. A single camera you move from vehicle t
  14. In Oregon, some first offenders can file for an "order setting aside conviction" one year after successfully completing any probation period. That also seals any arrest records and/or court proceedings. State bankruptcy rules also allow keeping one long gun and one handgun (combined value no more than $1000). I know one individual who had his right to possess firearms restored (after a firearm-related felony conviction) by invoking that statute. EDIT: This was late 70's - early 80's...laws/procedures may have changed since then.
  15. Howdy Slim, Sounds like just what I need to test & fool around with trying to rebuild it. Right now I can give it a pump but it won't hold the air so I think I'll try & get a seal /rebuild kit for it. I tried the "drop of oil trick" no luck. It's an old Sheridan that was neglected for years I thought I could rescue with a bit of work. If I can get it work then I'll do a light refinish on the wood as the finish is pretty well gone but the wood is sound. I sent a pm your direction, Thanks, Earl
  16. ....... don't listen to him Ma'am, he's just party pooperin' ...... You just carry on with these degrading pictures of yours
  17. Prayers sent for both of you .........................
  18. yes ........ but they ain't indiginous
  19. Governors pardon state convictions. Presidents pardon federal.
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