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  2. Denmark just culled a LOT of ermine's/minks due to covid. Just about ruined the industry there.
  3. It sucks. It takes like camphor. If one has to “acquire a taste for it” ...it sucks! End of lesson Edit: It still sucks
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  5. Mushroom, black olives, tomato, cheese, chicken? Looks wonderful. You just gave me an idea for dinner tonight. Thanks!!
  6. But the "Best Man" shoulda oughtta wiped the blade first. Ol' Steve said it was a major mess... kinda hard to clean cake icing out of a sword scabbard - 'specially when it wasn't discovered until some time later.
  7. same here as illegal drinker my best friend daddy loved Scotch $200 a bottle back when you could buy a car for that give me rum and coke some peoples taste but enjoy
  8. Might not been official but been a canteen or two with spirited water in it over the years
  9. That is appropriate for Marine wedding as well usually best man takes the responsibility
  10. Can somebody give me a short tutorial on Scotch whisky...? I've never been a Scotch drinker. I first sampled the sauce maybe fifty years or so ago, and my first impression was that it was borderline horrid. Not sure what brand it was, but I suspect it was cheap - it instantly reminded me of water I'd sampled from a nasty alkaline spring in West Texas during my early teen years. Well, Sassparilla Kid's birthday was a couple weeks ago, and I decided to include a sample bottle of Scotch in his gift bag - he does enjoy a good rye on occasion, and I thought I might broaden his horizons. But I don't know beans about Scotch... so I bought him a bottle of 12-year old Macallan. Sitting around the firepit last night, he pulled the cork and we had a taste. "Whaddaya think, Son?" He smiled politely and said "Tastes like Scotch, Dad." My first sip gave me a slight shudder. But it did kinda grow on me, and I had a second snort. But I suspect that the Kid prefers rye. Meanwhile, I seem to recall that the characters in W.E.B. Griffin books like something called Famous Grouse. Hm. Okay...About ten years ago, after a day of shooting at the Fort Miller Annual, some fellas were sharing a flask. One of 'em offered me a swig, and proclaimed "It's Grouse!" Really? Okay ~ I'll try a taste. I did, and it was surprisingly palatable! Much better than that alkaline spring in West Texas! Mebbe I'll round up a bottle for Christmas. Meanwhile... any Scotch observations or opinions?? I know, I know... I shoulda oughtta asked here first!
  11. These days, you can't even have a drink while on a deployment. With that in mind, I'll share a story that was told to me by my late Great Uncle, Peter Anderson, back when I was a young second lieutenant. My Uncle was assigned to an Army communications unit that was first in on the major military operations in the European Theater during World War II. He was in North Africa, Sicily and then D-Day. He survived those major operations and was a 23 year old Master Sergeant at the end of the war. He told me the story over lunch that day of his time going in to Sicily. They had several days of fighting and then things quieted down. Back then, they would play poker when they received their pay and they pretty much would go all in as they didn't know if they would be alive the next day. My Uncle was the big winner that night and they went into the small local town not far from their encampment in search of a good meal. They found a restaurant that was serving and had some wine with their meal that they really enjoyed. My Uncle asked if they had more of that wine and the waiter took him down into the wine cellar. He had won about $200 in poker the night before and they offered to sell him the wine at $1 a bottle. He bought all they had and he and his fellow soldiers took it back to their encampment on the edge of another town, which had a small fountain the the town square. They stacked the dusty bottles up in the fountain to keep them cool and then went to the next town over where there was a medical battalion and invited all of the nurses back over to their town. He said the party lasted about two days.
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