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  2. Is there a couple pair of boxing gloves around here so we can settle this here and now?
  3. Currently not a bad movie. But maybe falls into a cult movie.
  4. I like my belts to look authentic, so they will either have a fair number or none even tho I only use a few for matches, as noted above. BUT! If I was having one special made for competition I would have 6 cartridge loops, 3 for .38 and 3 for .44/45, with them alternating large and small. That way, whichever I use has more room for the fingers around the cartridge.
  5. Actually, no. I at least desperately want the OP to say, "Oh yeah, he turned the cylinder, I didn't think to mention that". When I brought it up in the first place, I wasn't even thinking about moving. I was thinking he might have left the loading table with a live round under the hammer. Perhaps that point might need to be clarified before saying "Legal"
  6. As Sawmill Mary and I both shoot, we have a set of backup guns with us. We always carry enough extra ammo. But knock on wood, we've very seldom had to resort to a backup gun. Sawmill Mary's Stoeger Uplander has been 100% from day one. As had my CZ-USA Hammer Coach gun. Both are box stock. Our Marlins have been reliable as have our Uberti Cattleman. Maybe because they haven't been "slicked up". The only "slicked up" gun we own is Sawmill Mary's Widder Marlin and it's never failed.
  7. Yup, it’s a .455 Mark II Hand Ejector 2nd Model. Made between 1915-1917.
  8. I TOed for a gentleman that used 10 on one occasion. He forgot to load his pistols.......... Used the 10 rounds to fill um up and shoot um! Shot the 10 - 10 - 4 stage in just under 25 seconds. CLEAN.
  9. Now Widder, you got that feller coming all the way from Texas to get a rope cutting whoopin. He'll probably end up bringing his deringer and pocket pistol with him too. I'd better get mine out and make sure they still shoot! You done got people gunnin for me. With friends like you I sure don't need anymore enemies!
  10. I have 4 cartridge loops on my belt & I only use two of em. In 20 years of CAS I can count on one hand the times I have actually needed 2 rounds.
  11. Yeah, I figure I'll use my 38 deringer or my pocket pistol to cut the rope. I'll need to warm them up to shoot the speed deringer and pocket pistol matches anyhow. Dad gum that's like throwing ashtrays!
  12. Now you got me wondering. I need to get my hands on a 45 schofield to see if it fits. Looks like the pressures are low enough to be safe. Then you got the 45 CS to think about which has the same case length as a 45 ACP. Makes me wonder how it's different from a 45 AR. Neither of my reloading manuals mentions 45 CS. 45 Colt Case length = 1.285" ; OAL = 1.6" ; max pressure 14000 PSI 45 Schofield case length = 1.1" ; OAL = 1.430" ; max pressure 13500 PSI 45 CS is supposedly the same as 45 ACP. so case length = .898" ; OAL = 1.275" ; Max Pressure Unknown (surely it's not the same as a 45 ACP) 455 Webley case length = .886" ; OAL = 1.460" ; Max Pressure 13000 PSI What did you mean by the proper proof marks? Are those Canadian proof marks or S&W marks?
  13. I use three. Most I've ever needed is two, if I dropped a reload.
  14. Where is the pin going to go on that flat bench?
  15. If that is 50 AE it might be, "Clean up on 5, 6, 7, & employee parking!"
  16. I can hear the intercom announcement now...."Cleanup on bay 5!"
  17. Soon to be a recipient of a Darwin Award. Appears to have the hammer back, magazine the gun and safety off. The stupid is strong in this one.
  18. Many people collect their news only from sources that tell them what they want to hear. God forbid they should check out another source for some context. It's maddening what/how much the media and public choose to ignore.
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