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  2. Howdy! Have a pair of Renalde spurs made out of Aluminum for sale. They are in wonderful condition; all the more amazing considering that they are atleast 40 years old! Heel band opening is 3 1/8 inches. They were used as an indoor decoration only by me. They are extremely lightweight and I expect one could wear them all day without fatigue. $68 shipped to your door; USPS MO or personal check ok. (The discoloration below the button swinger is artifact only!)
  3. $10 for 6 seems a bit high. But they came in this cute brass box. Sawmill Mary and I went on an adventure today. We went to a small gun shop in a sleepy little village on the Mississippi. The dusty shop in an old building is crammed full of "stuff" of all kinds. Some of it is not for sale. I spotted the Ted Cash capper but it didn't have a price on it. But I thought I'd ask. The proprietor and brother came up with $10. Ok. I just compared it to the Ted Cash capper I have and it's a bit different as the spring is on the outside of the box.
  4. Yea, the Tres Rios Bandidos are still alive and kicking in Farmington! Should be back to 2nd and 4th Sunday's in March! If NM governor don't interfere with San Juan county
  5. From the front of the badge stick the pin though an badge opening. From the back of the badge slide the pin retainer dohickey on tight.
  6. Rest in peace gentle giant. Condolences to the family.
  7. Those were settled. As the WB is getting up there in age and with the covid shutdowns as harsh as they are in New Mexico Founders Ranch was probably becoming more and more costly to operate and maintain and profit potential has diminished greatly over the last year or so. I know if I were an owner of the ranch I would have wanted out of it long ago.
  8. 251. "WE'VE GOT TO STOP MEETING LIKE THIS!" Shelly Crane lay in a puddle of something cold, wet, probably red, or maybe green, she did not know and she really did not care. She lay flat on her back on a tile floor with her forearm thrown over her eyes, crying: she rolled over, stopped as she found something sharp -- broken glass, she thought, and froze. She heard hooves a-clatter outside, on the pavement: she heard a voice, loud, commanding, "OPEN THAT DAMNED DOOR!" and then the sound of a walking horse, and a man's pained groan, the sound of boots approaching. She
  9. I can only go by what I have.... First Gen Colts Second Gen Colts Third Gen Colts Uberti Armi San Marco Great Western {original} JP Saur I like my 2nd Gen Colts best. First and Third are a close second. And I think I'd have to go with the Armi San Marco's in third, as they are the "least different" from the Colts. The "silly safety" is just a double notched cylinder pin. Nothing weird with the hammer, no rotating pins, no transfer bar or frame mounted firing pin. That being said, the others are all of good quality and are reliable shooters. Of course my Sm
  10. Many people put blood, sweat, tears and money into the Ranch and for them I am truly sorry.
  11. Indeed, that is why I just provided the link to the chart so that the OP could determine what he wants to use once his research is complete. He does not have Unique powder, he has some Winchester WST and wants to develop a load accordingly.
  12. Could the lawsuits from the 'neighbors' over the years be part of this? OLG
  13. Never trust the Mec bushings to throw what they say they will. For powder, try 17.0-17.5gn of Unique. Less felt recoil than Featherlite. OLG
  14. Oh...and Farmington's club...geeze Largo Casey...don't want to leave you out!
  15. Just the plain ole SASS life badge, that you originally were issued. That says it all. Any embellishments beyond that, YOU add....such as: integrity, honor, genuine, friendly, helpful, kind, patient, humble, understanding, selfless, soft spoken...a servant-leader.
  16. I switch off, wearing the badge for the club I am shooting at. If not a member then just my SASS badge.
  17. Today
  18. Local laws can override that. Many locations require the FFL thing. OLG
  19. The RAF was still using Gladiators in the Norwegian campaign. Gloster Gladiator - Wikipedia Duffield
  20. I guess Colt could be the "gold standard", since USFA, Standard, AWA, Cimarron-Uberti/Pietta, are all clones of the 1873 Colt single action. That doesn't mean Colt is made better, just that it was the first, and the rest are all clones of it. Usually, we pay for the name. Colt could, and more often than not, has a higher purchasing value, and resale value. You are buying a name, you are buying history. I have a older ASM clone, with a "pinched frame". I paid $350 inflated yankee dollars for it, a few years back. I saw a Colt "pinched frame" for sale on one of the gun sites, a
  21. I hate that this has happened. Maybe it’s for the best, seeing as the location has become almost hostile and it is so far from any major media center.
  22. I get mine from my bank; photocopies of the front, that is.
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