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  2. That works for me. Let me know when you’re in town and we can meet up. That may be the same weekend as the WRG match. Are you attending?
  3. Friend of mine had a Sharps with a 32" barrel. So damn muzzle heavy I couldn't hardly hold it up. He got out a hack saw cut about a foot of the end, filed the face square and filed in a new sight dove tail. Huge improvement to my way of thinking.
  4. Yes, but not everyone looks at the Wire. I do about once a month...maybe.
  5. I can't see out to 300 + yards. I'm good with .22 LR. That said, I got my 30-06 for the heavy lifting, and .22 LR for giggles and kicks. All VIRTUAL of course. In answer to your question, .308.
  6. thanks for pointing her out I got this from an Eagles fan friend I wonder if he saw her in the truck
  7. You mean "auto"??? I see what you're doing here!
  8. Be careful, Pat. It's nearly Christmas and I know Chris K. Personally.
  9. I prefer shorter, lighter rifles and carbines myself. If it were my rifle, I'd cut it back to 20" or 22". Some companies offer short barreled RBs. Check websites to check weights.
  10. Blame otto. I do. Even on the rare occasions that it just might possibly, maybe be my fault, I still blame otto.
  11. You mean SIGN???? ( you said find) I guess spelling wasn't your best topic huh??
  12. Partial inventory: .45 acp: Federal Champion 230 gr. FMJ RN: one box of fifty. .45 acp: American Ammunition Co. 230 gr. FMJ RN: three boxes of fifty each. .45 app: Sellier and Bellot 230 gr. FMJ RN :ten boxes of fifty each. 7.62 x 39mm: Wolf (Russian made with steel cases) 122 gr. FMJ Spire point: thirty boxes 20 rounds each. Still investigating prices from people who actually HAVE ammo for sale.
  13. I like my Model 70 in .308, but that aside I think .308 will be easier to find ammo for.
  14. If you look real close, see is in the reflection in the window.
  15. I would say get your license, at least your Technician Class, and work at your pace to become proficient with CW / Morse. I decided to get mine at short notice, so didn't have time to study for my General, but when I took the test, once it was confirmed I passed the Technician portion, they had me go ahead and sit for the General. I failed, because I had not studied a bit for it, but had I passed, the cost would have been the same. There is plenty of literature available, practice tests, and even YouTube videos that act as seminars to get you ready for the tests.
  16. I wish FA would market a gun chambered for the Spencer cartrridge, but let that go. Very beautiful gun, Wade. There is something about octagon barrels on a revolver that is just super cool. So much so that I [had one] made for myself. We need to have some sort of a "Big Iron" side match. How "Big Iron" would be defined could be open to interpretation. "Bigger than a 7.5" barrel Colt" would be the simplest way to do it, I suppose. As long as the gun is big enough, the caliber doesn't matter.
  17. Welcome Hero to the best game and folks goin. Hang on for the addiction!
  18. You have a non-islanding inverter(s); so, the inverter uses the utility voltage as frequency reference. When the voltage or frequency is out of the inverter's voltage & frequency range it goes into standby mode. Your inverter(s) can be replaced by dual mode inverter(s) which have a built in automatic transfer switch that senses utility loss & switches to internal voltage & frequency references. It will be less expensive to add batteries to the system than a gas or diesel standby generator; because, a microgrid controller in addition to a genset that has compatible governor & voltage regulator are required. Your Kohler, Cummins & GENERAC home standby's aren't compatible.
  19. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a flying whale!
  20. That rifle would possibly be allowed only IF a Match Director offered an "OPEN" sidematch category. There is no "official" category for muzzle-loading rifles. REF: SHB pp.31-33
  21. If you need some of those CCI BR2's we are coming to Prescott on the 13th. I would sell you 3 or 400 for $6 per hundred. I paid about that when I bought them. I would probably not use all of them for a couple of years. kR PS I think I paid $58 or so for a 1000.
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