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  2. I have now a pair of 1860 Army's in my collection, 4 3/4 inch barrels in 38 special...
  3. Um, not to be needy, but no pics?
  4. With a gold or silver Sharpie draw a line on each side of the chamber on the outside if the cylinder. Don't load that chamber, you should be able to see those lines on each side of the top strap.
  5. Hendo

    357 loads

    I'm reloading 357 with Missouri Bullets coated 125 grn RNFP bullets. They load at an OAL of 1.50 which worried me a bit, but the run fine through the '73 Uberti. I'm using 3.2 grns of HP38 and they seem to shoot pretty good out to 20 -25 ft (an indoor range is the only place close enough to test at). The only down side is that they are a bit dirty and I'm getting a bit of powder residue. I'm thinking of bumping up a half grain. What are y'all loading at? I'm kind of committed to the HP38 as I still have about 3/4 pound of that and then there's the 4 pounds of W231 sitting on the bench. There isn't really a huge amount of info for this. Any help, advice, recipes, or if I need to, other powder suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Y'all
  6. Call the SASS office. There are rental carts at the range.
  7. Better stop this didn't win crap-crap
  8. At first glance I thought it was one of those double shell tacos and they'd put the filling between the two shells instead of the middle. This is even worse then that.
  9. How do I verify the hammer is on empty chamber at loading table? There is no gap to see... Being how we don't have an official LT officer we rely on shooter behind to look . I guess technically we do have a LT officer it just changes alot
  10. If I'm using straight lead bullets .452 is fine but it they're coated I get a lot that won't go through the checker. I'm going to have to get a Lee bulge buster die for those.
  11. This is the latest from Freddie on Michele Hunter, Velvet Glove. "Update on Michele: She had a very active day. All arms, legs moving, looked like she was in a marathon. Both hands able to grip, head moving side to side. She has one mean scowl when people mess with her. Eyes opened for a little while a few times, still not quite awake. If CT tomorrow shows no change , Dr will remove cranial drain tube and arm arterial line. Prayers are working. Keep them coming for my precious angel."
  12. #4 copper is good for a 85A. For the 4 separate 4 gang 20A duplex AFI/GFI receptacles 2 spaces are required to install quad 20A ckt. bkr.plus 2 spaces for each 220V ckt. The smallest amperage panel that would have enough spaces is 100A which requires #3 copper. If the location is far from the main panel you might want to include a main breaker; so, that you can deenergize the panel locally. Otherwise it is prudent to have a nameplate (sign) that indicates the location of the disconnect. I recommend using twistlock receptacles for 220V unless it's for a welder. P.S. tell the licensed electrical contractor you want copper conductors only. Typically if they have their druthers anything over 30A will be aluminum.
  13. Does anyone offer gun cart rental service at EOT? Thanks
  14. Possibly but the Strat O Sheen is actually a burnishing compound used by jewelers. Works better on heavily tarnished or dirty brass.
  15. Alpo

    WH/F ??

    Just received an Amber Alert. 15 year old WH/F. I'm pretty sure the F is female. But WH?
  16. You could also source food grade citric acid from Amazon which provides the same results.
  17. She’s better looking than James, but she ain’t no James and will probably be out in a week or so. My wife is a wine taster too, don’t know if she tastes it but she drinks it and does very poorly at Jeopardy.
  18. 1. This ain't the real world 2. They are 50 feet away, I can't see their eyes 3. They intend to make me die a horrible death to steal from me. 4. My partner is an Apache-how many of you want to go to sleep with a thirsty apache of the 1800's at your side? 5. This is an Alpo question-reality sailed when you opened the thread
  19. Every time I see that smug #&*%##^ speak I'd like to hit him squarely in the mouth... with a Louisville Slugger... repeatedly... if that offends anyone, get over it.
  20. +1 for Taylor's... I have 4 pair of the '51 Navy R-M conversions and Taylor's has consistently provided whatever parts I have required. That being said, I have had little to no issues with these revolver thanks to Bob Munden and now Jeff Ault's action work.
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