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  2. I'm thinking about buying bags of The Good Stuff from Costco. Open the bags into our sterilized scary Halloween bucket, then pass the goodies out with a pair of tongs. Last year, we had 160+ kids at the door. One kid told me they bus in to our area, cuz we give out the good stuff.
  3. There appears to be no new production coming from Winchester, so the only option remaining is to find a used one. Miroku/Winchesters show up on the classifieds from time to time and there are a very few new ones available, but not in .357 or 45. Having said that, the better way to go, IMO, is to get a Uberti. Out of the box they might need some work, depending on your preference, but it's much easier to get parts, plenty of good "mechanics" around and usually easy to sell, if you decide to do so. There are no short stroke kits available for the Mirokus and the only, to my knowledge, smith who did short strokes stopped doing them as parts were not always standard and were difficult to come by. Good luck Tex
  4. Funny; that was my first thought. That new gasoline is tough on small engine fuel systems, especially if you let it sit for any period of time with no stabilizer in the tank. I have developed an intimate relationship with the carburetors on my tractor and snow blower. LL
  5. Just spoke with my ATV repair guy. He suspects fuel system (carburetor issues) as he's never seen one of the replacement flywheels fail.
  6. Man, do I know what this is about. I've developed some back issues that have forced me to use a cane, get a special bed, stop shooting, stop working, and pretty much spend my life sitting down. Every day is a challange to figure out how to carry plates or bowls, retreive the mail, move packages in from the front step, negotiate stairs, and avoid disaster. I've never cursed, yelled or complained so much in my life. Bottom line is that I'm angry at myself...with no one to blame but myself, I need to vent - often and loudly. Covid has suspended my PT treatments, but if we can get past this hiatus of life, I hope to get the use of my body back again. Don't despair; follow the MD's directions; do your therapy; yell if it helps, but make sure your sweetheart knows that you are not angry with her. You may want to let your wife know, too. Damned canes! LL
  7. I use 357 in pistol and 38 for rifle. Reason is I like a 147g bullet for rifle and it is too long to work in a 357 case. I have a lot of 357 and 38 cases. So use what you have and you will be happy. kR
  8. Title says it all. Offers posted by Guests or Members not including their SASS Number will be deleted without notice.
  9. I make my own rigs and like you I hand sew them I do not sew on bullet loops, for reloads I carry 4-6 rounds in my vest pocket
  10. This week was the deadline for Governor Ige to sign or veto legislation on his desk. Governor Ige signed SB 3054, and HB 2744 went into law without his signature, due to his failure to veto the measure. Both bills are effective upon approval and are now state law. House Bill 2744 places severe restrictions on certain firearm parts in an effort to ban home built firearms. The language is vague and overly broad, with felony penalties for violations. It fails to recognize that prohibited persons cannot lawfully possess any firearm, whether home built or produced by a licensed manufacturer. Additionally, the bill uses your tax dollars to create a commission to research “gun violence.” While the NRA does not oppose objective research, this will produce biased advocacy instead of sound science. Senate Bill 3054 SD 2 requires notice of permanent removal of a firearm outside the state, with the registering county, within five days. A penalty of $100 per firearm will be assessed for non-compliance.
  11. Tom's Single Action Shop New Lebanon OH 937-687-1039 Best to call him mid day.
  12. Good point; I overlooked the 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum which is a flattop but it uses the large cylinder frame (which it must to handle .44 Magnum). I read that the .41 Magnum flattops were assembled on frames from the 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum production run. We need a wall chart to keep up with the different Ruger single action variants!
  13. btw, this was already a topic in june: Typical number bullet of loops on belts Equanimous
  14. I have a rifle that had a hitch in its gitalong, simple fix. Took the sping and follower out of the magtube (it was too short and dirty) replaced it with one the proper length and problem disappeared. kR
  15. OK, that name has popped up more than once, BUT does he operate under his alias? his real name? where do I look? I need contact information.
  16. They're gone now... whacked some more moles. Be careful out there!
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