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  2. There is no requirement to salute the MOH. It is a courtesy and sign of respect. Rank still prevails. The private would salute a commissioned officer but the officer might salute first if he knew of the award. These days with combat uniforms rather than dress uniforms being the common duty wear you wouldn’t know if the soldier was a MOH recipient or not unless you knew him personally. This should help. https://www.stripes.com/blogs-archive/the-rumor-doctor/the-rumor-doctor-1.104348/must-all-troops-salute-medal-of-honor-recipients-1.125849#.XLuasIpMGhA
  3. Howdy Call Henry and they can fix you up. Usually at decent price. But my fav .22 lever is that little Browning. Just so sweet. Best CR
  4. Howdy, OK Maybe wait for Muddy Girl Cammmmmoooooo????????? Best CR
  5. So... is it comparable to the JAG series that ran from '95 to '05... with Catherine Bell?
  6. reason mine is in .357 and use 38 Sp mouse phart loads in it
  7. I've got a rock that was used by early Man to kill the first T-Rex
  8. Had a good crowd testing the range today! Had a great time, come join the fun!
  9. Which is better for a swimming beaver or otter 17 or 22 mag
  10. I’ve two Mauser’s an 1891 and a 1898 but that’s as close to anything genuine of the time period.
  11. I understand what you are asking, Alpo. But I do not think either would cancel the other, just enhance the other.
  12. Let me open by saying I really like the way you wrote that out. Very easy to follow. But.. What the heck size is "purple?" https://vollrath.com/Standard-Length-Color-Coded-Squeeze-Disher-1685.htm I'm not seeing "purple." You have "orchid" and "royal blue" but no "purple." Maybe a #40 disher?
  13. Alpo: The 10 barrels you are trying to decipher are "menhaden" - a coastal fish native to New England. Often used by the settlers as fertilizer; not an eating fish. I'm still stuck on the "6 Tierces"? Same word is used before "brown sugar". LL
  14. Today
  15. Actually two. Medal of Honor. You salute the Medal. So if a Private had the Medal, a General would salute him. How about the highest ranking military officer in the country - the Commander-in-Chief? Does he salute you, or do you salute him? When I first started thinking this, I thought, "Even 5-stars - Omar, Doug... Wait a minute. MacArthur had the Medal." Hmmm. If two recipients of the Medal meet, standard customs of the service apply? A Captain without meets a Private with, and salutes the Private, because he's saluting the Medal, not the man. But if a Captain with meets a Private with, the Private salutes, because the two Medals cancel each other out, leaving you with a Private meeting a Captain?
  16. Got them in today from Prickly Pear Peggy. I hate to use the word prefect, but I don't know how else to describe them. Well made, fit great and look beautiful. If you need gun sleeves for your cart, I can't imagine any better to get. Thanks again Peggy.
  17. I'm with you there , Capt. I grew up eating cornbread an average of three times a week back before mixes were invented , so am not a newbie to it. I check the ingredients list to make sure it has zero sugar , or as close as I can get. Will not buy any with 2 grms or more. 1 is bad enough. Rex , who's childhood diet was mostly cornbread and pinto beans. Often.
  18. Major - they are available from Ruger and Altamont ( would have to have them add the Ruger logo if they would do that ) but I was just checking if anyone had some extra
  19. I have my great grandfathers krag that he used I'm the Spanish American war, I shoot it as often as I can Rafe
  20. Duece I have one , marked XRN- RED is this what your looking for ? Turkey Bob
  21. I'll take it, just what I am looking for. Bear with me, I am a first time buyer. How do I pay you? Trail Boss Terry
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