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  2. Justin Ropers, size 11 EEE. Vibrant sole $60.00. Loredo’s Size 10 1/2 EW, side zipper $60.00. Hat, Rodeo King XXXXX Beaver, size 7 3/8, hat band by Washougal Will. $60.00. Knife, Damascus 5” blade, 9 1/2 overall, with sheath,$75.00 Marbles peep sight, for Uberti model 73 with different apertures and mounting screws, new. $100.00
  3. Correction made to the Model of the Winchester 12 GA shotguns - They are 1897 models - although, 1987 somehow sticks in my mind....Something kinda lingers...Hmmmm.
  4. WOW. Y'all sure know how to have fun. Very nice range.
  5. My dog Fido can do tricks, 8 times 7 is 56. I still use that one, some stuff sticks through 60 plus years. Seamus
  6. For the last time. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/bart-starr-1960s-green-bay-quarterback-dies-at-85
  7. Hard to compare this sort of thing but the Irish song “Salonika” is just as sad. Seamus
  8. Rather than asking here, where responses can be more aligned with what THEIR club allows, ask YOUR Match Director. He may require SASS legal pistol caliber ammo in said long range. Especially if targets are closer in than 75-100 yards. High velocity pistol ammo can pose a hazard to non hardened targets... and things like gas-checks can be a hazard to spectators, shooters & staff when launched @ high velocity at close-in targets. Don't assume. I've seen where even long range rifle caliber ammo must be within SASS rules. Don't assume.
  9. I'll definitely be trying the real thing eventually, but my buddy included the pyrodex so I figured I'll shoot it up first.
  10. Yes Sir, it was a beautiful day yesterday. I'm going to have to come down and see you guys in Escondido. I'm just up the road from you in Menifee.
  11. Cajon ain’t a lot of fun when it’s raining and the wind is coming up the canyon. Yesterday was a beautiful day at Cajon.
  12. Today
  13. Thank you for giving so much to this great county. God Bless America!!!
  14. We did it again! Last weekend we had our CAS with airguns 2019 down in Amberg, Bavaria in Germany. Please watch the trailer for the upcoming full match video if you like. (Just ignore the German language.) Your opinion means a lot to me.
  15. Give the inside of the case mouth a good chamfer. Un-chamfered brass will snag a flat based bullet most of the time and a boat tail occasionally. Duffield
  16. Ya know, if you use a bullet that is large enough in the first place, it really doesn't have to obturate. Use a soft bullet, keep it large enough and go for it. I'm with Phantom, keep it simple.
  17. John Boy


    Good for you Jeb
  18. Thanks Dawg! I agree 100%!! Were you there Yul? I'm sorry I missed you! I'm certain our paths will cross again. Hope they're not getting wet up there today. Weather is pretty gloomy today.
  19. Wish I would have met you. That was a fun match. Welcome to many more.
  20. Congratulations Dave: just a first of many great days! —Dawg
  21. The Sig P229 is a fine handgun and 40S&W ain't exactly no slouch. It's a good combo here. This would make someone a great carry piece!
  22. And although it might be legal per state law employers can and do have polices prohibiting its usage.
  23. I was finally able to attend my first shoot at The Cajon Cowboys yesterday. Beartrap and Razorback Red, took me under their wing , and gave me expert guidance. Everyone I met was absolutely amazing. I felt like I'd been part of the family forever. Thank you all so much for making it the best day ever!
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