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  2. The clothing requirement for anything other than the costume classes is very basic. Jeans and a long sleeve shirt with an open collar (no button down collars) along with those boots have you covered. A hat isn't really required but is a reasonable addition. I figure a broad brim hat is a piece of safety if you are shooting a top eject rifle like a toggle link. It will guard the back of your neck and your collar and keep hot brass from finding a way into your shirt. One extra that I suggest is a vest with pockets. Once you have your gun belt on, you can't get to your pants pockets, so the vest gives you someplace to keep things you want to keep handy. I also keep a half a dozen extra shotgun shells in one of the pockets.
  3. So, they're going to change their reference point in order to recalculate heights? And the question is, why? Sounds like statistics - pick the data you want to support the theory you want.
  4. Welcome Shawn! Go to the match, let them know who you are and that you're interested, then take advantage of the generosity of the shooters and try out their guns. The best way (IMO) to get started with multiple shooters is to buy used. Since you already have a Marlin, I'd concentrate on a pair of revolvers and a shotgun. If you two can share guns to get started that'll help. You'll both need decent leather to get started. Again, you can buy used but not abused and save money. One of the best places to buy used is local matches or here on the SASS Wire. Lots of times you can get guns that are already set up for this game for less than price of a new (or even used gun from a non-cowboy shooter).
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  6. Sounds like “calculated” BS to me. These jackasses are furiously working, on the Government’s dime, to come up with “more precise” numbers. But, is it really, or simply performed by a different set of imperfect calculations? At the end of the day, it’s just another set of imperfect (aka BS), meaningless numbers, hatched out by mediocre computer operators, looking for the next 5-year “project” to keep their sorry heads down in, and get lost and unnoticed in, while collecting a Government paycheck.. No one really cares about this crap and, no one uses the results. Cat Brules
  7. There is really a funny calculation that figures out what equates to “sea level” relative to the mass of such things as mountains. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all wrong.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/22/science/maps-elevation-geodetic-survey.html?smid=fb-share&fbclid=IwAR19L1p12rnLWnBFHp2964oVbkllCqTT45iu9AS_ls71Y8_1xAQmnoGg8NU Height Modernization A recalibration of the system for measuring height will officially shrink much of the United States, especially the Pacific Northwest.
  9. My .38 Richards-Mason Navy conversions fit just great in Mernickle holsters designed for .36 Navies. The RM ejector assembly doesn’t seem to be a problem. Good luck and keep us posted. -CJ
  10. I just rewatched the movie ....... James Garner as Woodrow .. Yes, he is very good as Woodrow. The movie as a whole .... it's a okay movie.
  11. M.O. will be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks
  12. If you put a couple pitchers on one corner, it could be really annoying.
  13. No. It was about being invaded & protecting your homeland from the invader. Even Mr. Lincoln (of whom I am a huge fan, even tho he was never my president) knew the States had the right to secede from the union. And you're durn right SC started it when the Union forces wouldn't get off our land. I don't blame you for your belief; everybody knows the victor gets to write the history.
  14. Howdy I’m looking to pick up some goodies. Let me know what ya got... NMV 357 SKB 100/200 1873 Rifle 357 1866 Yellowboy
  15. Not picking a fight, but the Civil War was about slavery, nothing more, nothing less. I seem to remember that South Carolina starting the shooting by firing on Ft Sumter.
  16. Bet I could outrun it on foot. Any takers?
  17. Even Grandson #2, underage, was promised he could shoot Grandad's colts after the match, if he picked up brass & reset shotgun targets.
  18. That's almost as bad as Harold Lloyd Jenkins!
  19. Been there, done that. Now go have some FUN!!!!!
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