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  2. I did a product test for them (Huntego)about 8 months ago. They work ok on the barrel for smokeless powder but didn’t do anything to a gun shot with BP or BP subs. I ran 4 Cleanshot cartridges through the gun after 25 BP sub 12 ga. rounds were shot and you could not see any change at all. They are not intended to clean the chambers in any manner. They also have a very healthy recoil. For a smokeless powder shooter they might be convenient to Clean the barrels after a match but that is a stiff price to pay for convenience. ($9.50 - $10.75 for a box of 4 ctgs)
  3. I like that answer short and concise.
  4. I think the craftsman always thinks their work is awful. That is because you know where the defects are.
  5. There was one my girlfriend dragged me to, I can't remember the name, but 10 minutes into it I fell asleep. She had to wake me when the movie was over.
  6. Te Germans had better photographers. Interesting gadget. Reminds me of the 1950's era Amphicar.
  7. Posse 1 was terrific, and we had cookies! 2nd place --B Western
  8. I can't believe no one mentioned The Waterboy, "Now that's some quality H2O"
  9. That come close to being the funniest thing I've ever seen. Thanks.
  10. When in doubt don't. I won't be offended whether it's real or not. I got one from myself a while back, and several robo-calls from my own number, too.
  11. I need one of those about as much as I need mumps.
  12. If it's just a couple then you should be fine. If it is a large bunch I would mention it to the retailer. If you are really worried then just smear some beeswax or chapstick or something on there. The lube is mostly wax anyway.
  13. I have found this to be true of every store I've ever been in, I think....
  14. Today
  15. I need 2 pairs of factory Ruger XR3-RED black micarta grips. I can trade or pay cash. Must be Ruger factory.
  16. Only thing that beats the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is Trail of the Screaming Forehead: Of course, one might say that these are humorous spoofs....;-)
  17. Now, Pat... if you wuz sittin' up in your howdah and your elephant was trying futilely to shake that tiger off his leg while it was crawling upward, intent on chompin' yo' butt for supper, you'd be more'n happy to have that thing in your hands!
  18. Got the same from him. It's been going on for awhile now. OLG
  19. NO It's synthetic and a dang good oil. OLG
  20. thats always been my issue - little vacant territory between my holsters , i would love to have a ten round slide there
  21. love these old tools , not sure what the heirs will do with them but i pick these up when i find them , thats one ive not yet seen available , probably on the "one of a kind" order ,
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